• Why Clinton Doesn't Need To Hold A Press Conference
    Hillary Clinton isn't doing herself any favors spending the majority of the past year without holding a single press conference - or is she? Trump is a candidate that thrives and excites his base in heated situations, for better or for worse.
  • Anti-Clinton Spots Lead In Volume Among Negative Ads
    As Donald Trump begins his largest TV ad buy yet of the 2016 presidential cycle, his surrogates have been significantly ramping up the frequency of their anti-Clinton spots. Between the Rebuilding America Now PAC and the NRA's Political Victory Fund, Hillary Clinton found herself on the receiving end of 2,666 TV spots in the past 10 days.
  • Trump: The Non-Pivot Pivot
    It's no surprise that Donald Trump has attempted to soften his unapologetic, distasteful character and major policy prescriptions as we close in on November.
  • Trump's Digital Game Begins, Clinton Campaign Among Most Digitally Sophisticated
    Campaigns have invested heavily in digital advertising in the 2016 cycle. While Donald Trump has taken months to get his paid online advertising game going, he is finally spending the money he has accumulated through donations.
  • Drudge Becomes Second-Largest U.S. Publisher, 'FiveThirtyEight' And 'YoungCons' Soar In Page Views
    Political-news publishers have benefited immensely from increased coverage and interest in the 2016 election cycle. An incredible rise has been Matt Drudge, who became the second-biggest publisher in the country with almost 1.5 billion page views in July 2016 -- only topped by MSN.
  • Pro-Clinton Groups Launch Native Ads On 'BuzzFeed,' Target Millennial Women
    Pro-Clinton groups EMILY's List and Priorities USA PAC launched native ads on 'BuzzFeed' this week targeting millennial women. Younger women, a demographic with which Donald Trump trails heavily, will have a key role to play in this election.
  • Bannon Joins Trump To Plot Overthrow Of Washington Establishment
    The post-Manafort era has elevated former Breitbart executive director Stephen Bannon to the chairmanship of the Trump presidential campaign. An enigmatic figure who was integral to the success of the Tea Party, Bannon is now at the helm of the most anti-establishment and nationalist presidential campaign in recent history.
  • The 3 Phases Of The Donald Trump Campaign
    The recent promotion of Kellyanne Conway to new campaign manager ushers in the third and likely final phase in Donald Trump's inconceivable bid for the White House.
  • Trump Campaign Makes $4 Million TV Ad Buy, First Of General Election
    After a strong fundraising haul in July, the Donald Trump campaign has at long last made its first broadcast TV buy of the general election. Some $4 million in new ads could hit the airwaves as early as today, and are expected to run through August 29.
  • Radio Enjoys Highest Reach Among Independents In Swing States
    Radio is the most ubiquitous medium among Independent voters in swing states, where 94% of these voters said they listen to radio on a regular basis, compared to 88% that watch broadcast TV, 85% that watch cable TV and 62% that use mobile internet.
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