• What's Red & White And Blogged All Over?
    The most-read was my "Talking Points" round-up of anti-NATO/pro-Putin public comments made by a certain former president. The occasion: Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
  • Musk's 57.5/42.5 Rule, If The Dude Abides?
    Pundits will wax poetic about his decision to step down, but I suspect his "vox populi" stunt is just a cover story for the mounting pressure he's likely facing from Twitter's other largest shareholders, not to mention those of his other businesses.
  • What's Up Doxx?
    Remember, this is the same @elonmusk who said advertisers exercising their free commercial speech by pausing Twitter ad buys were somehow also threatening his version of "free speech."
  • The Twitter Files: Part 3
    Even as Elon Musk selectively doles internal company files out to anti-MSM journalists, Wikipedia has been setting the record straight in real-time, proving citizen journalism actually does work -- just not on Twitter.
  • One Hitler Wonders
    I'm not a doctor, and do not understand the mental health issues of @kanyewest, @realDonaldTrump or even @elonmusk, but I believe Twitter is the equivalent of a media fentanyl rush that only exacerbates their conditions.
  • Freedom Of Kvetch
    "Brands are under terrific pressure and heightened scrutiny about where they invest and who they partner with. So, relaxing controls on the platform and essentially the Wild West ensuing makes it a dangerous place for brands."
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