• Clinton Looks To Wrap Up Democratic Race On Tuesday
    Hillary Clinton took the South Carolina Democratic primary in typical front-runner style. Winning with a whopping 73.5% of the vote to Sen. Bernie Sanders' 26%, the campaign of the former Secretary of State heads to Super Tuesday with wind in its sails.
  • Rubio Finally Looks Ready To Fight
    Last night was Sen. Marco Rubio's night. He needed one. For many, Donald Trump has become the prohibitive Republican nominee, following formidable wins in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. Who would have thought we would be here nine months ago?
  • TV Vies To Remain Top Influencer In Politics
    Television has retained center stage status in political advertising amid a rapidly developing digital space. Democratic nominees and their PACs have been controlling the airwaves in 60 top DMAs.
  • Trump Cruises In Nevada, Rubio Marches On
    Donald Trump was deemed the winner of Nevada after a scant 3% of the votes were tallied. But the night remained interesting for a touch longer as Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz duked it out for second place. Final results show Trump with a resounding lead at 45.9%, followed by Sen. Marco Rubio with 23.9% and Sen. Ted Cruz with 21.4%.
  • Email Subject Line: Donate Please!
    The well-covered developments in big data, targeting and cross-platform marketing have greatly increased the efficiency seen with email marketing. That means voters are targeted with more appropriate messaging.
  • Republicans Bicker About Nomination Status
    On Sunday morning shows, just hours after results of the South Carolina primary were released, Sen. Marco Rubio described the GOP race as a three-man contest. Sen. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, made the point that historically, you need to win at least one out of the first three states to have a chance at the nomination. In Cruz's calculus, Rubio is the odd man out.
  • Race Tightens, Stakes High In South Carolina, Nevada
    Tomorrow is a significant day in both the GOP and Democratic primaries. The difference from the two early contests of Iowa and New Hampshire is that we now have tangible proof that the nominations of Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders should be treated as real possibilities.
  • Campaigns Utilize Targeted Data In New Ways To Reach Key Voters
    With around $1 billion expected to be spent on digital advertising in the 2016 cycle, targeting and segmentation techniques have become increasingly successful at reaching only those voters a campaign wants to reach.
  • Political Radio Ads Could Prove Crucial To Vote
    Political marketers affirm that a successful election strategy this cycle must incorporate a range of media and platforms. Much talk has been focused around the budding of digital media as a rival to TV. But Radio is also playing a key role.
  • Constitutional Conundrum Thrust To Center Of Presidential Race
    With the passing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, it is likely that the highest court in the land will sit in stalemate for at least the rest of the year. And that leaves the court to hear highly significant cases in a potential 4-4 tie.
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