• It's The Stupidity, Stupid
    The biggest factor influencing the outcome of elections is stupidity, not the economy. The No. 1 reason? The dissolution of professional journalism and growth of -- how should I say this -- less rigorous sources of validated information. The progression began with the shift toward digital media, and the fact that anyone could publish a site, a blog, or a social media post, but according to an exhaustive study released this morning by the Pew Research Center, more Americans get their political and/or election news from a website, app or social media than from traditional journalistic media like TV, radio …
  • It's The Pandemic, Stupid
    If you want to understand why the White House resumed its COVID-19 pandemic briefings, and why they now feature only the President, you should have listened in on Ipsos' most recent "Election 2020" tracking presentation Thursday. The analysis, which covers a wide range of projection sources for predicting the outcome of the election, said voters sentiment currently hinges around one central issue: whether the government has a "robust plan to help the nation recover from the impact of coronavirus."
  • The Presidency Of Selling: 2016-20
    The current presidency began with crass commercialization of those inside the White House, and, it appears, will end that way too.
  • Badwill
    The focus of the brand boycott of Facebook has been on how it impacts its bottom line, especially ad revenues. But it has something greater at stake: Its brand value. Why does that matter? Keep reading.
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