• Red Sites Ebbed As Blue Wave Flowed: Major Right-Wing Visitors Plunged
    The midterms may have resulted in a blue wave, but the run-up in October showed some ebb and flow among the most prominent "red" news sites, according to an exclusive analysis by political spectrum news site tracker TheRighting. "Several prominent conservative websites posted steep double-digit drops in unique visitors in October 2018 compared to October 2017," TheRighting President Howard Polskin notes, citing the following examples: Infowars (-66%), Hannity.com (-49%), Breitbart (-42%) and Newsmax (-28%).
  • America Has A Bad Case Of Potus Mouth
    What's that you say, "No Schitt?" Yes, I know I'm stating the obvious here, but I'd still like to make the case why one of the most destructive forces of this presidency is not its stated goal: "the deconstruction of the administrative state." It is the deconstruction of our social fabric.
  • Suppose They Gave A Press Briefing And Nobody Came?
    Lawsuits aside, there may be a better way for the press corps to reassert its First Amendment right to cover this White House. They could simply stop covering its press briefings altogether.
  • The Feint And Parry Of A White House Press Briefing
    If the White House wanted to create a massive distraction to draw media attention away from the outcome of the midterm elections, it couldn't have planned a better one than to hold a press briefing discussing the outcome of the midterm elections.
  • By The Way, That Guy On Stage Is State News
    The midterms are over, but the biggest loser wasn't a candidate for office. It was the credibility of a national "news" network.
  • What's Really On The Ballot Today?
    "The character of the country is on the ballot," President Barack Obama said in his final 2018 campaign speech Monday in Fairfax, VA. "Make no mistake: I am on the ballot today," the current POTUS wrote in an email I received in my inbox this morning.
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