I can't for the life of me figure out why the right wing is currently denying medical science -- not just for the life of me, but for all of them too.
  • It's Time For A 'Seven Second' Presidential Broadcast Delay
    The President is right. The White House Press Corps is not doing its job, especially the TV news outlets that cover his virtual campaign rallies, er, I mean, (insert finger quotes here) "White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings" live and unedited.
  • It's A Lot More Than The Economy, Stupid
    Yes, in normal times, it is mainly the economy. But these are not normal times, and there's an even bigger existential threat than a financial one on the minds of most Americans, including those in Battleground States.
  • 'You Wanted A Reality Show Host As President, Well Now You're On Survivor'
    I don't know who created that meme, but he or she should join Joe Biden's campaign, because there's no more effective message for the 2020 race, as Americans of all political persuasions realize that having a reality TV show host as President may at best be entertaining, but at its worst is horrifying.
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