• Cruz Takes Center Stage At Last GOP Debate Pre-Iowa Caucuses
    While the GOP front-runner decided to snub the Fox News/Google debate in Des Moines, Iowa, for another event, seven rivals took the stage. It ended up being a lively, slightly more informative debate than usual. At times, it was even comical.
  • Study: Sanders Ads Are Most Effective
    Sen. Bernie Sanders' TV ads are the most effective of the 2016 presidential election cycle. Not only does Sanders have the single most effective ad, Bernie 2016 has seven of the top 10 ads among the full sample of respondents. Rounding out the top ten most effective ads are a Carson America spot, a relatively ancient Draft Biden ad and an ad placed by Kasich for America.
  • IAB: Digital, Mobile Rival TV As Political Info Source
    Digital media has reached parity with TV as a primary information source about presidential candidates, says the IAB. Primary users of online digital media are also more likely to take action after being served a political ad.
  • Democratic Candidates Amicably Stand Ground At CNN Town Hall
    Last night's CNN Democratic Town Hall had laughs, friendly handshakes, respect for President Obama and the occasional swipe at the GOP. The candidates had a final chance to speak to a range of Iowa Democrats seven days before next Monday's caucus.
  • Christie Talks Tough On Crime, But Vetoes Bipartisan Gun Control Measures
    The elevated position gun rights have taken in the wake of mass shootings, makes gun rights a thorny issue for GOP presidential hopeful New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Christie now advocates wholesale rejection of any effort to regulate guns, refusing to ban ownership from convicted gang members or those issuing terrorist threats.
  • Privacy Worries: Politicians Collect Our Data-Then Can Sell It
    Efforts to drive primary voters to caucus sites or voting locations are in sprint mode, as close in on the first primaries. No wonder there has been increased scrutiny over privacy policies that rule the dissemination of campaign data.
  • MediaPost Conference Roundup: Political Data, Tools Better Than Ever
    Eleven days before the Iowa caucuses and 19 days to New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary, marketers were eager to hear from insiders. Screens have taken over our lives and applications, particularly social ones, have offered additional inventory. Political marketers have seized the day.
  • We Know What Candidates Say, But What Do They Feel?
    During debates, we listen to what the candidates say, but we also assess their body language and tone, much of which we digest subconsciously. We can sense Sen. Bernie Sanders getting uneasy when talking about gun control. Or watch Donald Trump get uncomfortable when pressed.
  • Donors Waiting For 'Family Hall Pass' To Drop Jeb Bush
    Jeb Bush's campaign has been in decline for a number of months, the only saving grace being his cash situation. It's reported that major Bush donors are preparing to drop him and look elsewhere.
  • Last Pre-Voting Democratic Debate Gets Candidates Fired Up
    The NBC News-YouTube debate night was all about Sen. Bernie Sanders. The fiery Vermont Senator was an especially electrified version of himself last night, taking full ownership of the revolutionary democratic socialist persona that has so intrigued the disaffected Left.
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