• Women Will Cast the Deciding Vote In 2016
    For decades, women have been a powerful electoral force - probably the most significant demographic group when it comes to voting for president. In 2012, women outvoted men casting 53% of the ballots. This cycle will be no different.
  • Where Do We Stand On Candidate Endorsements?
    Research shows there is a better way to assess a candidate's chance of winning a party's nomination: endorsements from current governors, U.S. representatives and U.S. senators, also known as the "invisible primary."
  • GOP Candidates Hype Fear Of Muslims
    Fanned by Republican presidential candidates, our country is slowly approaching a 21st-century version of the Red Scare. Since the Paris attacks and the response from GOP candidates, many have pointed to parallels between Joe McCarthy in the 1950s and the way candidates are responding to extremist terrorism today.
  • Report: Vast Majority Of Americans Distrust Government
    The Pew Research Center recently released results of an in-depth research poll into how the American electorate views its government. Many of the findings reaffirm an overwhelming sense of distrust among the electorate.
  • The GOP Establishment Works To Defeat Donald Trump
    As the GOP primary race has evolved, it is Republicans, not Democrats, who are most anxious about the prospect of a Donald Trump nomination. The GOP establishment sees him as a candidate who will negatively affect the Republican party and inevitably lead to a Clinton presidency.
  • Koch Brothers Gather Data On Political Opponents
    The Koch network has taken the lead over more liberal groups in a different and recently exposed type of operation focused on data gathering and targeting. The Koch brothers have, "quietly built a secretive operation that conducts surveillance and intelligence gathering on its liberal opponents," per reports.
  • With SEIU Labor Endorsement, Clinton Looks Golden
    Despite Bernie Sanders' history of being a standard bearer for labor, Hillary Clinton has received the endorsement of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The SEIU is the most recent large labor group to back the former New York Senator, boasting a national membership of around 2 million.
  • We Have A Duty To Accept More Syrian Refugees
    Most legal experts, whether Democrat or Republican, say that governors have no authority to override federal decisions on refugee relocation. So why are so many asserting that they just won't let Syrian refugees into their states?
  • Presidential Race Shook After The Paris Attacks
    The race has shifted from pitting candidates' personalities against each other, to a focus on who can be the most able Commander in Chief. The events in Paris will make winning the nomination more difficult for Donald Trump and Ben Carson, who have little to no foreign policy experience.
  • The Second Democratic Debate: Clinton v. Sanders
    CBS News polled viewers on who won the debate: Hillary Clinton 51%, Bernie Sanders 28% and 7% for Martin O'Malley. Clinton may have won the debate, but is that enough for a well-positioned front-runner? Despite nearly 7 million fewer viewers compared to the CNN debate in October, Sanders made sure to increasingly highlight policy differences.
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