• A Free Market Solution To A Weapon Of Mass Destruction
    If you're among the advertisers still supporting X, I'm asking you to do what you can to keep an unregulated part of the media industry from being used as a weapon of mass destruction in a modern day holocaust. Because if you don't, this time it will have been funded by you.
  • How About Nothing -- Is Nothing Good Enough For You?
    Put aside Musk's absurd notion that I would pay for X's inability to monetize me, the economics behind his model undermine truth, veracity and civil society. So go ahead, kick me off your shit show.
  • The X-Rated Economics Of Elon Musk's Info War
    It's not just Musk's personal "shitposting" of disinformation via his personal account, but changes he's made to X's rev-share model that have created an ad incentive for spreading disinformation.
  • An Unseen Picture Worth More Than A Thousand Words
    Of all the horrific images coming out of Israel, the most powerful one for me is one I have not actually seen. And hope I never do. It's the image of man riding in the back of truck sitting atop the lifeless, mostly naked body of a young woman, as if she was a Big Game trophy kill.
  • If Yaccarino Had Them, She'd Be King
    Say what you want about Elon Musk, he's got balls. They just happen to be canine balls and nearly a year since he took the helm of Twitter, he's wagging them in the face of the media.
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