• Don't Even Think About It
    No, not that thought. The one Meta policy chief Nick Clegg is having about reinstating a certain Facebook account.
  • Let's Get Them Today, Then
    Congressional hearings on how the fossil fuel industry pays PR and ad agencies to "greenwash" its reputation ironically revealed how it has bought and paid the lawmakers also defending it.
  • Ad Biz Practices What It Preaches, Er, I Mean Votes
    Interestingly, the initiative isn't intended to help persuade the general population to get out and vote, but to turn out their own workforces.
  • God Save The Norm
    More than a decade before she was coronated Britain's queen, Elizabeth II began her global media monarchy as a 14-year-old princess delivering the BBC's "Children's Hour" radio broadcast. She continued to reign over the modern media universe for another 82 years, despite the fragmentation, decentralization and disruption of digital media.
  • Wide Blue Yonder: Profits, That Is
    By taking consumer's payments, and providing travel credits in lieu of refunds, Wonderlust's expose reveals the major U.S. airlines have been generating millions of dollars daily in savings by not providing service.
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