• The Stage Is Set: Clinton vs. Trump
    The nominating conventions are over. What a tremendous two weeks it has been. We experienced dissent from the podium in Cleveland and the convention floor in Philadelphia, but the match-ups are in place.
  • "Working Together" To Avoid The Trump Disaster
    "Working Together" was the theme of day three at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. From former New York City mayor and staunch Independent Michael Bloomberg, to Lenny Kravitz, to the oratory power of Obama and Biden, the Democrats offered an inspiring show of unity and eloquence.
  • DNC Day Two: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Up Close and Personal
    The Democratic National Convention, held in the city of brotherly love, nominated the first woman to top the general election ballot of a major political party in the United States. Whereas Monday night focused on unity and gave the progressive voice a powerful microphone, last night was about Hillary Clinton.
  • DNC Day 1: Democratic Powerhouses Send Message Of Hope
    Day one of the Democratic National Convention was teeming with emotion. Sanders supporters unable to hold back tears as the leader of their political revolution forcefully made a case for a Clinton presidency. Young and old, male and female, Congressional reps and U.S. Senators gave moving speeches.
  • Democratic National Convention Kicks Off In A Haze Of Controversy
    From one convention to the next. We witnessed an incredible display of bitter party infighting, rancorous populism and striking showmanship last week in Cleveland. Today, all eyes turn to the birthplace of our nation for the Democratic National Convention.
  • The New GOP Populism: America On A Precipice
    Last night, we witnessed the most consequential speech of Donald Trump's political career to date. Clearly, the Republican party has been remodeled by a New York real-estate developer and TV personality.
  • Cruz Speaks But Doesn't Endorse, Pence Officially Accepts VP Spot
    Yesterday, we witnessed a wildly eventful night in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence officially accepted the Republican nomination for vice president of the United States, former Trump rivals, Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (by video), had time slots, and another Trump made a case for his father's business acumen.
  • It's Official: Trump Is GOP Presidential Nominee
    Donald Trump is no longer the "presumptive" Republican nominee. A concoction of strong debate performances, nonstop TV appearances and rousing campaign stops elevated a scrappy, if not wildly understaffed campaign apparatus, to the heights of American politics in 2016.
  • RNC Day One: #NeverEverHillary
    For most, the first day and night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland lived up to expectations. For others, the event gave insight into the major themes we can expect the Republican party to harp on throughout the presidential campaign.
  • The GOP Gather, But It Is Donald Trump's Convention
    The Cleveland convention kicks off today in the midst of a serious and poignant time in 2016, marred by killings at home and violent extremism abroad.
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