• If It Quacks Like A Lame Duck, It's Probably Just For Quacks
    America may not be headed for another Civil War, but we have firmly entered a war on civility that began with birthirsm and has grown into a movement of the craziest and most extreme conspiracy theories that has already helped elect at least two of its members to serve in Congress.
  • 'This Is An Embarrassment To Our Country'
    "This is a fraud on the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country."
  • The Fox-Trump Industrial Complex: Why It's Bad For America
    The President's interview on Fox News Election Day morning marks his 100th on the network, marking a symbolic milestone for an industrial complex that has been very bad for American democracy.
  • Here's Our First Ever MediaPost Endorsement
    Based on all of your great feedback, we have decided to make an endorsement -- sort of.