• It's Time For A Change, And By That, I Mean A Crisis
    More than a decade since a delegation of ad pros met with leading climate scientists, the messaging around the climate crisis has actually moved in the wrong direction. It's time for the ad industry to help fix that.
  • Season One, Episode 15
    The Select Committee may or may not win a Justice Department indictment, but it definitely deserves to win an Emmy. Several of them.
  • If You Believe 'Bothsidesism,' You Believe In An Oxymoron
    Opinions among journalists vary based on how they view "misinformation," while opinions among average Americans vary based on their trust in news.
  • The GOP Gang That Could Shoot Straight... Into Their Own Feet
    Two-thirds of Americans say they're more likely to vote for a candidate in November who supports passing a law giving all Americans the legal right to abortion, according to the latest polling by IPSOS.
  • Why I'm Endorsing Liz Cheney For President
    Technically, I think "Red, White & Blog" may be the first publication in the country to do so. The only question is, for which party?
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