• In Journalism We Trust (Not So Much)
    Seventy-one percent of the world's top journalists believe the public has "lost trust" in them -- but that's a significant improvement from a year ago, when the percentage was 91% among journalists responding to Cision's annual "State of the Media" survey. As positive as the trend line may seem, the perception continues to be overwhelmingly negative for a profession that fundamentally relies on people's trust and confidence in their craft -- especially in the U.S., which continues to have the greatest level of cynicism among journalists. Many factors have contributed to the lowering of journalists' esteem, especially the role of …
  • Putin Must Be Having A Blast, Literally
    A story published Tuesday by Russia's English-language news service Sputnik featured a simulation of what a nuclear explosion next to Trump's house -- you know, the white one in Washington, DC -- might look like.
  • Senator, We Run Ads
    Mark Zuckerberg's testimony put not just Facebook under the microscope for its business model and practices, but the entire industry -- and reminded us that once those models and methods become commercially available, it isn't just benign commercial interests that figure out how to leverage them.
  • Sinclair Is Right - This Is Extremely Dangerous To A Democracy
    If Sinclair Broadcast Group wanted to point out the danger fake news reporting poses to democracy, it couldn't have picked a better medium for it than to mandate all the anchors on its local news stations to read a corporate script attacking the authentic and unscripted news reporting of legitimate news organizations as "fake news." (Gee, I wonder who invented that phrase?)
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