• So Let Me School Elon Musk On The Flip Side Of Relevancy - It's Called Differentiation
    Instead of tweeting a letter to advertisers, Musk would have done better to show up at the ANA in Orlando, hat-in-hand, with the other one holding a bidet.
  • The New Half Life Of Brand Response Time
    "If you are a huge global sportswear company that was founded a long, long time ago by actual Nazis, you really need to have a faster trigger on anti-Semitism."
  • How The Ad Industry Can Fix Greenwashing, Overnight
    Emissions offsets have been a good start, but if we really want to tackle greenwashing, maybe it's time to start using "omissions offsets."
  • The Visible Hand Of The Ad Market
    While it's unclear how much impact things like Mediabrands' responsibility index actually have on media and platforms, it is at least a factor. According to Mediabrands, 25% of clients have adjusted their media mix based on it.
  • The Heart Of Darkness, Turns Out It's 6%
    Pew Research sheds light on the dark universe of "alternative social media." Finds 6% of Americans regularly get their news -- and some alternative facts -- from BitChute, Gab, Gettr, Parler, Rumble, Telegram and Truth Social.
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