• FBI's Comey Fires The Final October Surprise
    FBI Director Comey's three-paragraph letter sent to the U.S. Congress on Friday concerning the investigation into the Clinton email server has changed the state of the race. It is likely to set the tone through Election Day.
  • Clinton October Fundraising Stays Strong, Trump Dwindles
    When including the joint fundraising committees with the RNC and DNC, Donald Trump's numbers grow to $68 million, while Clinton and her party committees had a whopping $153 million to spend up and down-ballot in the final few weeks of the campaign.
  • Electoral Map Tightens For Trump
    Donald Trump's chances of winning the presidency are just about one in six, exactly 16.5%, per FiveThirtyEight's polls-plus forecast. While his odds have steadily declined since the first presidential debate, they have leveled off. Battleground states are key for him.
  • Clinton's Final Ad Push, RNC Desperate To Retain Congress
    With just over 12 days until November 8, the Hillary Clinton campaign is initiating its final iteration of campaign ads. On the Republican side, while Trump is trying new approaches to fundraising, the RNC is splashing cash into Senate races in a last-ditch effort to retain control of Congress.
  • What's The Deal With Early Voting?
    If you live in California, you can vote up to 30 days before Election Day. Floridians can start voting 10 days before the election, but early voting stops three days prior to Nov. 8. In Iowa, you can vote as soon as ballots are available -- they've been at it for a while.
  • Obama's Digital Legacy Gives Democrats An Edge
    Democrats always seem to have the edge when it comes to digital strategy. They were the first to effectively use email on a large scale with Howard Dean's 2004 campaign, and perfected the email and data targeting approach in Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns.
  • Clinton's Debate Performance Is Securing A Win
    We don't yet know exactly what, if any, effect Wednesday night's debate had on the state of the 2016 presidential race. Polls take a few days to complete, giving news media a larger role in shaping opinions of debate performances and defining what the takeaways are.
  • Third Presidential Debate: Donald Trump Makes History
    About 40 minutes into Wednesday night's debate at UNLV, Donald Trump looked to be on the way to his first clear successful debate performance. He wasn't interrupting, he didn't sniffle, he stayed on message and appeared well prepared. Wrong!
  • Will The 2016 Election Mess With Young Minds?
    The 2016 presidential election has thrown marriages into disarray, pushed the level of hateful rhetoric to an apex and has asked deep questions about the strength of our democracy. One group of Americans not involved in the political process, but directly exposed to its toxic rhetorical fallout, are children.
  • How Bad Was Donald Trump's Week, Really?
    It feels like ages since the Billy Bush "Access Hollywood" tape of Donald Trump came out. It was actually 11 days ago. Since then, we've had another debate, nine women accused Donald Trump of harassment, and the country's beloved red cardigan-wearing debate attendee Ken Bone went from America's savior to a creepy, depraved Reddit-user.
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