• Hispanic Turnout Crucial In Swing States
    One cannot overstate the vital role that Hispanic voters will play in deciding our next president. Many swing states, in particular Florida, have larger Hispanic communities than the average across the country. Further, FiveThirtyEight gives Florida a 19.4% chance of tipping the election.
  • The Astonishing Defense Of Donald Trump, Abuser
    With less than a month until the November 8 election, news media have found out how to cover the mind-bending absurd spectacle of Trump. The answer: give a platform to the Trump supporters, who are willing to stand up for him despite an avalanche of sexual assault accusations.
  • Polls Show Country Leaning Toward Clinton, Our Subconscious Agrees
    The two candidates vying for the highest office are deeply flawed and wildly disliked across the country. A majority of voters think of Hillary Clinton as dishonest, while Donald Trump champions the unfit-for-office trait. Undecided voters, however, are more comfortable with the deceitful and calculating candidate in office than the volatility and bombast of Trump.
  • Trump Unshackled, Republicans Fly For Cover
    "It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me, and I can now fight for America the way I want to," Trump tweeted Tuesday morning. He added slams at Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. John McCain just for good measure. Trump appears to have severed ties with the Republican party.
  • Trump Has More Social Media Followers, Clinton Has More Concrete Strategy
    Until recently, Donald Trump has dominated his political opponents in the social-media landscape. But his approach has not been as sophisticated as Hillary Clinton's. Since September, her accounts have surpassed his in total monthly followers, posts and engagements.
  • Second Presidential Debate: Trump More Aggressive, Delivers Mind-Bending Statements
    Donald Trump was clearly more prepared this time around, while still falling a bit off the rails. Despite attacking Clinton, there were several moments from Trump that were disturbing.
  • Do Musical Tastes Reflect Your Political Affiliation?
    Independents are 17% more likely to listen to Classic Rock 'often' than the general population, and 25% more likely to 'often' listen to Classical Music. None of these preferences match up with top choices of either Republicans or Democrats.
  • Presidential Ads Take Their Next-To-Final Swings
    As we near the finish line, presidential campaigns and supporting groups are taking their next-to-final hits on their opponent. With many states out of the game, holding strong Republican or Democrat leads, strategies focus on winning key swing states that will make the difference in November.
  • Did Pence Use Debate To Announce his 2020 Presidential Run?
    On CNN's post-debate coverage of the only Vice Presidential debate between Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Paul Begala put forward the idea that last night Mike Pence announced his candidacy for president in 2020.
  • Tensions On The Field: When Politics Meets Football
    Politics and sports don't always mix. There are times, however, when the two meet. Many don't appreciate the overlap; others understand an athlete's desire to make statements.
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