• What 2017 Will Teach Us About Donald Trump
    Donald Trump said many things during the 2016 campaign and the transition period about his priorities and how he might act as president. In 2017, we will learn how impulsive Trump is - and if he can tame his bombastic impulses as president.
  • 2016: Turning Point In American History
    History may look back on 2016 as a turning point in American -- and likely, world -- history. The strongest representation of this is the election of Donald Trump, likely the most underprepared president-election in American history. Trump's success took the country and the world by surprise and ushers in an era of political uncertainty, which has many on edge.
  • Earned Media, Strategic Timing Pushed Trump Over The Edge
    One powerful illustration of the influence of earned media in the 2016 presidential election: The noticeable difference between how much Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each spent per electoral vote. Trump spent at total of $321.9 million, contrasted to Clinton's $564.9 million.
  • Trump's Campaign Rallies Helped Sway Voters
    Donald Trump took the outsider approach to the extreme -- running a new type of political campaign, completely upended the norm in presidential elections. One aspect of his campaign strategy can be paralleled with Obama's: a focus on campaign rallies.
  • Trump Names Spicer Press Secretary, Fills Out Press Office
    We may be in new territory on how the White House interacts with the press - and by extension the American people. Sean Spicer has been named press secretary.
  • Glenn Beck, Samantha Bee Join Forces To Fight Trump
    Or as Bee puts it: "Our future is going to require a broad coalition of nonpartisan decency. It's not just individual people against Donald Trump; it's all of us against Trumpism."
  • Trump's Win Galvanizes The Progressive Base
    Progressives nationwide are upset with the election of Donald Trump. The rise in partisanship, coupled with alarming cabinet appointments, has heightened the sense of urgency in liberal circles. Digital will play a crucial role in promoting and organizing action.
  • What Will Donald Trump's Press Office Look Like?
    Important questions still loom about how Donald Trump, as president, will interact with the press. A big speculation: who will be his press secretary? What we do know is his press office will not resemble anything that's come before.
  • Anti-Trump Forces Need 37 Faithless Electors To Block Trump
    Today's vote is the last barrier to Donald Trump taking office on January 20. Those who will inevitably keep pushing to remove Trump from office will have to shift their focus to Congress and the possibility of impeachment, should fewer than 37 "faithless electors" emerge in opposition.
  • President Trump Blurs Line Between Public Service, Private Business
    Trump assures the U.S. his only focus will be his duties as president, leaving his business dealings to his children. That claim is causing a vigorous conflict-of-interest debate. His recent meeting with tech executives, with his children in the room, further clouds the hazy relationship between business and politics.
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