• True Or False: Things Elon Musk Said This Week
    1 - "Trust me, Linda." 2 - "Go fuck yourself." 3 - "I'll just take a microdose." 4 - "Let's livestream the Neuralink human trials." 5 - "Pizzagate does seem a little suspicious."
  • The Polycrisis Grinds On
    That's the first line in a just-released global trends report from Ipsos. It's also the first time I ever received a press pitch using the term, but it seems especially apt as we head into what will be the bumpiest political news cycle in the history of bumpy news cycles.
  • And That's The Way It Wasn't: Why Social Media Is No Place To Get Your News
    "What is happening at TikTok is it is creating the biggest antisemitic movement since the Nazis," Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly told the platform's U.S. brass during a private call with Jewish celebrities and influencers, adding, "Shame on you."
  • Half A Billion Reasons Dobbs Is Pro-Ad Life Too
    "It could be $500 million just right there," AdImpact's Kyle Roberts told a roomful of station reps Wednesday, pointing to a map of 11 states likely to have reproductive rights ballot initiatives next year.
  • NewsGuard Weighs In On Deadly Gaza Hospital Blast: Says False Reporting, Social, Search Continue To Spread
    The news veracity ratings service is providing the incident's "misinformation fingerprint" free to journalists to avoid spreading false conclusions.
  • The Presidential Debate, Brought To You By TikTok
    If you watched the GOP debate last night, you probably heard a fair amount about TikTok. If you watched it on YouTube TV, you probably saw a fair amount of TikTok commercials too.
  • Did You Hear The One About The Jews?
    "If you scratch the surface of most conspiracy theories, not far underneath is some form of antisemitism," Peter Knight, Professor of American Studies at The University of Manchester and an expert on the spread of conspiracy theories said during an event Ipsos MORI organized in December 2021.
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