• The Blaze Is On Fire, How It Overtook Breitbart
    The Blaze's audience has surged 143% over the past year, catapulting it to the second biggest right-wing political news source in the nation, behind a long-dominant Fox News, according to an analysis released today by TheRighting. But the real story is the erosion of Breitbart News, which plummeted 11%, falling to fourth place, behind The Blaze and The Washington Examiner.
  • Did Jeff Zucker Just Option A Discarded Episode Of Aaron Sorkin's 'Newsroom?'
    Just as CNN is exhibiting the greatest improvement in trust among American news watchers, the network announced a new political editor with a perceived right-wing bias will lead its coverage through the 2020 election. The appointment of Sarah Isgur Flores, who served as Department of Justice director of public affairs under former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and more recently as senior counsel to the Deputy Attorney General, triggered immediate tweetstorms of "what is CNN thinking," but it also signals yet another incestuous convergence between political operatives and political reporting that could have been taken from a discarded episode of Aaron …
  • Enquiring Minds Have To Go
    Jeff Bezos' whistleblowing indictment about how American Media Inc. has been "weaponizing its journalistic privileges" sheds new light on what has been an increasingly creepy and destructive media enterprise. And, if his allegations hold up, a criminal one.
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