• Major Outlets Blocked From Friday's White House Briefing, What Does It Foreshadow?
    On Friday, the White House press office cancelled a planned briefing, instead opting for an off camera "gaggle." A number of key organizations were denied entry. The move was unprecedented - and for journalists and historians - a clear warning shot against press freedom.
  • Bannon Promises To Deconstruct The Administrative State
    Two of President Trump's top aides, chief strategist Steven Bannon and chief of staff Reince Priebus, offered various insights on the overall goals of the administration at CPAC. Bannon's destruction ideology was in full view.
  • 'The Washington Post' Gets Dramatic With Fiery Slogan
    'The Washington Post' has gone what some are calling "emo" with its new slogan: "Democracy Dies In Darkness." The new tagline, which appears just below the masthead, embodies how a majority of mainstream political journalists think the Trump White House.
  • VP Pence Soothes European Concerns, White House Messaging Still Uncoordinated
    Pence spent the long Presidents' Day weekend in Europe attending the Munich Security Conference. The VP loudly noted the administration's support for the EU and the NATO alliance, while reiterating President Trump's call for increased defense spending.
  • The New York Press Club Pens Open Letter To President Trump
    A number of groups have already sent open letters to President Donald Trump. At the outset of the transition period, the National Press Club wrote in an open letter that: "We respectfully ask you to instill a spirit of openness and transparency in your administration in many ways but first and foremost via the press pool."
  • Dubke Expected To Land White House Communications Director Post
    White House press secretary Sean Spicer has been handling two jobs during the first month of Donald Trump's presidency: press secretary and communications director. The arrangement changing, as a number of outlets have announced President Trump is planning to name Mike Dubke as the new White House communications director.
  • Trump's Press Conference Ups The Lies, Hostility
    Trump supporter and CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord mused to Anderson Cooper that yesterday's press conference was "the launch of a new reality show called 'Beat the Press.' " The dissembling was like watching an accident -- sometimes, you can't look away.
  • Despite Trump's Scoldings, Newspapers See Strong Results
    The "Trump Bump" is by no means confined to consumer brands. newspapers and progressive organizations have seen a strong uptick in subscriptions or donations, particularly those which President Trump and his team love to deride as the "opposition party" or "fake news."
  • 'A Class-Five Political Hurricane': Flynn, Trump, Russia
    The sudden resignation of President Trump's national security adviser and the prompt flood of leaks on the matter pouring into the inboxes of top Washington D.C. journalists have created a three-way battle between 'The Washington Post,' 'The New York Times' and CNN.
  • Foreign Reporters Get Tough With President Trump
    The noticeable impact of the adversarial relationship between the White House and the national press becomes clear as President Trump holds joint press conferences with visiting heads of state.
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