• Artificial Truth
    For an industry that loves auditing things, maybe it's time for media to begin auditing the reality of truth.
  • When Misinformation Passes The Turing Test
    "Advertisers have another brand safety issue to worry about," NewsGuard's Gordon Crovitz told me following the release of new research showing ChatGPT-4 has already passed misinformation's equivalent of a Turing test.
  • If It Misleads, It Leads
    The only thing more partisan than American politics is points of view about how -- and how much -- the media cover political leaders based on their perceived partisanship.
  • What's Black And White And Red All Over?
    Answer: Mobile billboards used by politically partisan media watchdogs questioning the truth of politically partisan media news coverage.
  • Florida's New Anti-Red, White & Blog Bill
    If a new bill submitted to Florida's legislature this week becomes law, "Red, White & Blog" could end up in big trouble. That's because Florida Senate Bill 1316 would require bloggers who write about Governor Ron DeSantis and his administration to register with the state within five days of posting something that mentions state officials.
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