• The Importance Of Harnessing Social Influencers For General Election
    Influencing a sizeable but specific audience on social media can be challenging for politicians, particularly in an era when political advertising can become stale and overwhelming.
  • Super Wednesday: Cruz Picks Fiorina, Trump Talks Foreign Policy, Sanders Starts To Wind Down
    Yesterday was one of the most action-packed days in the latter stages of 2016 presidential nominating race. Donald Trump made a much anticipated foreign policy speech, whileSen. Ted Cruz announced Carly Fiorina as his veep pick.
  • Clinton, Trump Poised To Win Respective Nominations
    Last night's primary results could have sealed the deal for both front-runners. Donald Trump had yet another spectacular night, winning over 50% of the vote in all five states. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won four out of the five states, dropping Rhode Island to Sen. Sanders.
  • Trump Makes False Pivot
    As the GOP race nears its finale, the Donald Trump campaign is trying to remold the candidate who has ruffled so many feathers right across the political spectrum.
  • DNC Philadelphia: Independence Hall And Enduring Constitutional Arguments
    When the DNC arrives in Philadelphia in late July, a new politicized generation of voters and a novel political reality will stand in the footsteps of our nation's founding fathers and the first Congress of the United States.
  • The 'Authenticity' Tactic, Why Outsiders Are Increasingly Popular
    A self-proclaimed socialist is now running almost even with his "establishment" opponent in national polls on the Democratic side. On the Republican side, a candidate has emerged who saysincredibly controversial things on a regular basis, and apparently the more absurd the rhetoric, the more fervent his support.
  • Donald Trump: The Quintessential Republican Candidate
    While Donald Trump does not emulate the Republican ideal of the traditional, reserved and steadfast conservative party elder, his policies mirror the GOP in more ways than the party seems willing to believe.
  • Clinton, Trump Win Big, Solidify Standing
    Yesterday's New York vote further crystallized both the Democratic and Republican nominating contests. Donald Trump succeeded in taking over 60% of the Republican primary vote; Hillary Clinton did better than recent polls had predicted, with a 57.9% share of the Democratic ballot.
  • Democrats In New York To Vote For Their Favorite New Yorker
    Today, Democrats and Republicans in New York vote for their nominee at polling locations across the state. Up for grabs are 95 delegates on the Republican side and 247 for the Democrats.
  • Wild Primary And Caucus Season Foreshadows Turbulent Conventions
    We are finally reaching the tail end of primary and caucus season. While both parties have contested over 35 primaries and caucuses, the nominees are far from being anointed.
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