Donald Trump: The Quintessential Republican Candidate

“Trump is not a real Republican, does not believe in Republican values, or any values at all for that matter,” exclaimed an Iowa Republican, as reported by Politico in late March.

While Donald Trump does not emulate the Republican ideal of the traditional, reserved and steadfast conservative party elder, his policies mirror the GOP in more ways than the party seems willing to believe.

One unmistakable similarity between Trump and his anti-Trump opponents is an utterly wrong, but intense, belief that our nation’s economy is on a downward trend towards oblivion. “It’s the slowest recovery in our history, and it’s not a recovery,” House Speaker Ryan chimed in.

Speaking of the Obama recovery, Trump said at a rally in Florida earlier this year, “These are not signs of a recovery, these are not the signs of a strong economy. These are signs of a weak economy.” Oh, wait - that was actually Ryan, the first quote was Trump.



Confused as to where the GOP differences are? Join the crowd.

Could it be, that his absurd characterization of Mexican immigrants goes way beyond what Republicans actually believe about our neighbors to the South: “Twelve million illegal immigrants later, we are now living in a nation that is beset by people who are suicidal maniacs and want to kill countless innocent men, women, and children around the world.”

Hold on, according to The Huffington Post those words were uttered by Sen. Fred Thompson back in 2007. Sound familiar?

So it’s not Trump’s xenophobia toward our neighbors. It’s not even his plan for a wholesale ban on Muslims entering the United States that distances him from traditional Republican values. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the current darling of the GOP establishment, has proposed additional patrols of Muslim neighborhoods, and virtually every Republican Governor said they would reject any Syrian refugees, even women and children.

Trump does say things on TV that Republican officials wouldn’t dream of; his back and forth with Fox’s Megyn Kelly is a case in point. But the party line on women’s rights and health care falls right in line with Trump’s (and may even at times be more restrictive).

Former GOP Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri has said publicly that raped women couldn’t get pregnant. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have similarly depressing views on women’s rights.

So, finally, maybe it’s just because Donald Trump sounds so angry that Republicans find him unfit to represent their party. But, Republicans (actually many Democrats, too) are angry, and Donald Trump obviously understood that more quickly than any of this opponents.

According to the Associated Press, 78% of American adults are dissatisfied or angry with how the federal government is working.

Donald Trump seems a perfect fit for the 21st-century Republican party. Channeling Trevor Noah of "The Daily Show": “Republicans, open your eyes. Donald Trump is the man of your dreams. … The sooner you see that, the sooner you can get it on. My advice, Republicans: get a convention room, take hold of Trump’s tiny little hand, and then when the time is right, put on some Fox News and chill.”

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