• If Elon Musk Was The Brand He Was Five Years Ago...
    "Brand valuation considers intangible and tangible assets, and Musk has overlooked one of brands' most important resources: people. Twitter needs to address issues surrounding its reputation and brand equity to return to brand value growth."
  • A Year After Dobbs, SCOTUS Decision Proves To Be Pro Advertising -- Mostly For Choice
    Abortion ads, which had averaged only 2% of all campaign spots prior to Dobbs, grew to nearly 40% of ads run by Democratic candidates in the 2022 midterms, and remain prominent so far in 2023.
  • This Is Your Brain, This Is Your Brain On Politics
    "Every business that wants to avoid becoming the next brand in the crosshairs needs to prevent their consumers from switching on their political brain and thinking they're casting a vote every time they go to the store," says Stagwell chief Mark Penn.
  • AI Bites Dog
    On the internet, nobody knows you're an AI-generated news site. And there already are more than 150 of them, and they're growing much more rapidly than the human-generated kind.
  • The Question Isn't Whether News Publishers Are Thinking About AI
    In a little more than a month, the number of AI-generated news sites has more than tripled. Do the math and read this column to find out what the right question actually is.
  • Little To Be Proud Of
    Shockingly, new research shows only a minority of adults -- including LGBTQ+ ones -- explicitly support brands selling products related to LGBTQ+ pride month.
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