• Failing To Say The Loud Part, Even Quietly
    The cynic in me wonders whether Nikki Haley's Civil War answer was actually a gaffe. Let's see how she does in the next wave of Republican party polls to find out.
  • The Year Of Super Powers, Both Good And Bad
    If 2023 was the year of AI exuberance in the ad and media industry, NewsGuard's tracking has revealed the potential dark underbelly. It found some unsung super heroes too.
  • A Legacy Of Misinformation
    Naming legacy news media the "Misinformer of the Year" is a fair and inspired choice, not because what they've been reporting, but what they have not: that there's a persistent, ongoing attack on democratic institutions, Constitutional norms, and the rule of law, all intended to undermine American democracy.
  • Silicon Valley Throws Its Pocketbook Into The Race
    "Every penny we donate will go to support like-minded candidates and oppose candidates who aim to kill America's advanced technological future," says Andreessen Horowitz's Ben Horowitz.
  • Include/Exclude Political Ad Spend: How Do You Vote?
    After 35 years, Zenith has dropped political to provide a "more stable and representative" view of the ad spending. It's doing this even as the delta for political ad spending is narrowing, not increasing.
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