• Obama's Role In American History Is More Important Than Ever
    Barack Obama's role during the Trump administration is yet to be determined. Having left office with a nearly 60% approval rating, many Americans will follow the political aims he advances in future.
  • Reactions To Trump's Travel Ban Expose Deep Tensions In America's Social Fabric
    These vastly opposite reactions to Trump's order strike at the core of a growing division in America's social fabric - exemplified by the tension between "America First" and America for all.
  • Bannon Berates Media As 'Opposition Party'
    President Donald J. Trump's first week in office was marred by intense clashes with the national press over pettiness like Inauguration Day crowd size and the more serious issue of (nonexistent) voter fraud.
  • Trump Isn't Just Tweeting, He Is Prescribing Policy
    President Donald Trump has changed the way American voters conceive of and interact with the White House. The starkest example of this is the continuous stream of tweets. He has yet to move from campaign mode to presidential leadership.
  • Trump Acts Like The Authoritarian We Feared
    In the past eight years, we had become accustomed to a normal sequence of events -- bolstered by the thoughtful demeanor of President Obama. Many may not realize how quickly the new Trump administration and Republican Congress are changing the spirit of our country.
  • First Official Briefing Testy, Press Maintains Watchdog Approach To Trump Administation
    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer got his first taste of answering questions in the press room yesterday afternoon. Those hoping for a few fiery exchanges were not disappointed.
  • Deviator In Chief
    If the first 100 days of his presidency are anything like the first two, Donald Trump could well go down in history as the deviator in chief. By that, I don't just mean a deviation from researchable facts -- you know, the truth -- but from quantifiable statistics.
  • Farewell, Our President
    Entering a new era of American and world history on Inauguration Day, a sense of uncertainty envelops our nation. What will the next four years bring? Will we close ourselves off from the rest of the world, tightening immigration policies and engendering conflict through confrontational trade and military positions?
  • Clinton, Trump Voters Had Very Different News Consumption Habits in 2016
    In yet another illustration of the widening ideological chasm in our national politics, Pew Research found that 40% of Trump voters identified Fox News as their main source of election news. In contrast, 3% of Clinton voters designated Fox News.
  • What Happened Politically In 2016?
    MediaPost had its own political postmortem yesterday in Washington, D.C., bringing together top strategists and vendors from both sides of the aisle to discuss what worked and what didn't in the 2016 campaign season.
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