• Bring Back Barbarity, Get Rid Of The Geneva Conventions
    Every week there is something unbelievable that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth. In an incredible moment of blatant disregard for history and centuries of warfare, Trump undermined the longstanding treaties of the Geneva Conventions.
  • The Sanders Argument: He Doesn't Have To Win, To Win
    When my doorbell rang early on Saturday afternoon, the first thought was that we had ordered Seamless for lunch. Then I heard: "Philip, Bernie Sanders' people want to talk to you downstairs." I was surprised, a bit confused, and very intrigued.
  • 3 Political Podcasts Keep Listeners Savvy About Election
    One of the best and most entertaining ways to stay abreast of political developments and opinions across the spectrum is listening to podcasts. A variety of political podcasts covering the 2016 election range from conservative to liberal.
  • The GOP Race Goes 'Full Caveman'
    At a time when national security and the threat of terrorism should be at the forefront of political conversation, the GOP primary has found a new low. While the Republican race has already been heavily personal in nature, a new confrontation this week between Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz put the spotlight on spouses.
  • Bernie Sanders Vows To Stick Around, While Dem Lawmakers Ask Him To Take A Knee
    The candidacy of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has reenergized a progressive tranche of the Democratic party disillusioned with the capture of Washington by private interests. The incredible wealth of support Sanders has amassed is illustrated by his fundraising successes over the past many months. The FEC reports that Sanders had raised $140 million as of Feb. 29, with a publicized average around $27 from 5.7 million contributions.
  • Donald Trump's 'Raging Insecurities'
    Much has been said about the insecurities of GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Why did he feel the need to discuss his private anatomy in front of millions of Americans? Why are personal attacks such a staple of his political arsenal?
  • Presidential Candidates Respond To The Brussels Attacks
    In the wake of the Paris attacks last year, we have witnessed evidence of increased terrorist activity around the world and increasingly so in Western countries. Yesterday's attacks will redirect focus in the presidential race on national security and religious tensions.
  • The GOP Fight: "Trumpism" v. Republicanism
    The relentless rise of Donald Trump has thrown the Republican party into complete disarray. Potential outcomes for the core of the GOP are looking increasingly dire. As panelists on "Face the Nation" described it: "Pigs are still in the air here."
  • Presidential Candidates Fuel Late-Night TV Comedy
    Politics and particularly presidential campaigns generate fantastic fodder for late-night shows. The Donald Trump multiplier has made this cycle additionally engaging and ripe for talk-show pickings.
  • The Politicization Of Our Nation's Highest Court
    Following President Obama's announcement that he would nominate U.S. Appeals Court judge Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) spoke from the floor of the U.S. Senat rejecting a hearing.
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