• Still Foggy About Donald Trump? Read This
    It's really hard to pin The Donald down. Whether it is as a businessman, as a birthday celebrant, as a reality TV star, or as a Presidential candidate. He is more about allusion than any fixed reality. He is the P.T. Barnum of our post-reality TV era.
  • GOP Race: And Then There Were 3, Well 2 Really
    Marco Rubio has gone the way of those who dared meet Donald Trump head on: Polls plunged and he dropped out. In what 'Politico' aptly called a "kill shot," Donald Trump picked up a trouncing 45.8% in the Sunshine State, to Rubio's 27%.
  • Another Super Tuesday Puts Florida And Ohio In The Spotlight
    The most pivotal contests on the GOP side are Ohio and Florida. Ohio Gov. John Kasich has been polling ahead of Donald Trump; prospects are bleaker fr Sen. Rubio in Florida.
  • Violence At Trump Rallies Escalates, Front-Runner Fails To Condemn Perpetrators
    Violence at Donald Trump rallies has escalated of late, and his reactions to these events are troubling members of both parties. Racially charged language and what sounds like forced semi-condemnations of the perpetrators has 'The Washington Post' asking: "Could Donald Trump be held legally responsible for inciting violence at his rallies?"
  • Polls Remain Relevant, But Face Methodology Issues
    Politicians are always polling. The practice is used to assess the viability of potential candidates, while it also helps campaigns define strategy or choose key issue points. Polling can also fail miserably to model an electorate, witness the Michigan Democratic primary.
  • Univision/WaPo/Facebook Debate Centers On Key Issues For Hispanic Voters
    Last night's bilingual Univision/Washington Post and Facebook debate pressed the Democratic candidates on issues central to Hispanic-American voters, particularly immigration, jobs and education.
  • 3 Takeaways From Semi-Super Tuesday
    The Democrats voted in Mississippi and Michigan last night, with Hillary routing Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the former, and Sanders picking up a win in the latter. Trump won both for the GOP.
  • Labor Unions Fight For Relevance, While Candidates Petition Directly To Workers
    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has amassed around two dozen national union endorsements, with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders securing five. Notably, however, the AFL-CIO, the country's major union federation, is yet to endorse either candidate and is unlikely to do so any time soon. Side-stepping an endorsement hasn't stemmed the federation's political pursuits.
  • Democrats Vote, Debate Over The Weekend, Clinton Looks Ready For General Election
    Democrats picked their nominee in Nebraska, Louisiana, Kansas, Maine. The overall results tipped in Sen. Bernie Sanders' favor, who won three states. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won convincingly in Louisiana, which sported the highest delegate count.
  • All GOP Candidates Would Support A Trump Nomination
    The Fox debate sported the smallest GOP debate field thus far, as well as the first on-air meeting between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly since last year's heated exchange.
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