• It's The Partisan View Of The Economy, Stupid
    "If your team is in power, you feel a little bit more confident about the economy," Ipsos data journalist Sarah Feldman explained during the team's fist monthly election tracker briefing of 2024.
  • God Made Rick Wilson
    I'm not the most religious man, but Wilson's keynote at our Marketing Politics show Thursday was enough to make me a true believer. I mean, how else can I explain the divine inspiration of his creativity?
  • A Gross Effective CPM Of $360,272
    That's what will have been spent on Iowa's Republican voters by the time voting gets underway on Monday. According to one post-buy analyst, Nikki Haley has the worst ROAS.
  • Haley's Polling Up, Not Down Following Civil War 'Gaffe'
    More than a week after her Dec. 27 "gaffe" for failing to acknowledge that slavery was the primary cause of the U.S. Civil War, Republican presidential primary candidate Nikki Haley's polling inched up, not down, according to the most recent average of national polls aggregated by FiveThirtyEight. While that's a slim -- not exactly statistically significant -- bump, it demonstrates that Haley hasn't taken a hit among likely Republican primary voters. "Red, White & Blog" will continue to track and update Haley's standing, but the bottom line is her alleged slavery gaffe hasn't exactly hurt her.
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