• Even Without Tucker Carlson, Foxnews.com Soars In April
    "The sudden departure of Tucker Carlson and the settlement of the Dominion lawsuit, had little impact on its ability to attract more visitors," says The Righting President Howard Polskin.
  • Why Fox News' Upfront Ad Pitch Is 40% Full (Of It)
    "Lifestyle content," Fox News sales chief Jeff Collins said, "now comprises over 40% of our overall audience reach."
  • You Don't Need To Be A Weatherman To Know Which Way Media Trust Blows
    Actually, maybe you do. The Weather Channel was the only one of the major U.S. news outlets to receive a net trustworthy score among American adults, according to new polling by YouGov.
  • 'Nighttime In America'
    That's what ad industry vet Donny Deutsch told his "Morning Joe" colleagues is the name of a political spot he wants to create that is the antithesis of "Morning In America."
  • It Came From WikiLeaks + Hunter Biden's Laptop
    That's how Media Matters chief Angelo Carusone responded when he received a cease and desist letter from Fox News' lawyers asking him to stop publishing leaked Tucker Carlson material. Well, sort of.
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