• The Decline Of Western Civilization, Optimized
    "The challenges to democracies are all too visible. Machine learning may increase polarization - reengineering the online world to promote political division," reads an important soon-to-be-published article, adding, "The challenges to autocracies are more subtle but possibly more corrosive."
  • Perception Vs. Reality
    The reality is he trails Barack Obama by a margin of two-to-one in another key media metric: post-presidency news coverage.
  • All The News Fit For Subs
    The advertising trends are not good for news publishing brands. And that's not good for democracy.
  • It's The Oxygen, Stupid
    And by oxygen, Ipsos political guru Chris Jackson means the ability of the U.S. news media industry to stay focused on what it's supposed to do: informing American voters about what's important.
  • Liz Cheney's 'Lincoln' Project
    Republicans may wax nostalgic for Ronald Reagan's "Morning Again In America," but Cheney is campaigning on something much more fundamental to Americans of all parties: our greatest task.
  • The Question Is, What Was In The Safe?
    "They even broke into my safe," the former twice-impeached president and subject of multiple criminal investigations said after FBI agents executed a federal judge's search warrant and raided his home.
  • It's The 100% Real Thing
    It was the exact moment when Alex Jones' heart would have broken -- if he had one.
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