• How About A Good Housekeeping Seal Of Political Ad Approval?
    News circulating this week that Microsoft's Xandr unit plans to ban political advertisers beginning in October is part of an ongoing reset for the category, especially for big tech players. Maybe there's another way?
  • WTF Is Publir And Who Is Behind It?
    According to a new report, Publir is a programmatic ad network that has been funneling ad dollars from major exchanges, including Google, to prop up extremist forum TheDonald.
  • A New Political Media Acronym Worth Thinking About: AIGD
    It stands for AI-generated democracy and it's what happens when machine synthesized information and content moves faster than people can think, feel and vote. It's also an oxymoron.
  • Activities That Shock The Conscience
    That's the basis of a petition asking the FCC to deny a Fox station license renewal for its "stop the steal" election denial coverage.
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