• AB InBev, Diageo, MolsonCoors In Cross-Hairs Of Underage Drinking Study
    It's the first estimate in nearly two decades of the monetary value of underage alcohol consumption, and first ever to attribute such drinking to specific brands.
  • Marriage Survived Lockdown? EBay Thinks You Deserve Rewards
    Ebay is launching the Refurb Registry, which sells only certified refurbished items in very utilitarian categories.
  • Campaign For Olipop 'Tonics' Contradicts Pepsi Zero Sugar Ads
    Gut-friendly soda brand Olipop disagrees with Pepsi's definition of "compromise" but welcomes being in a conversational spotlight with the global beverage titan.
  • Clearing The Air: Clorox, Instant Brands Join Booming Purifier Market
    U.S. sales of air purifiers (not counting replacement filters) more than doubled last year, rising to $942 million from $407 million in 2019.
  • JewBelong Fights Anti-Semitism With Serious Humor
    OOH campaign is aimed partly at younger Jews who are "not used to anti-Semitism," says JewBelong co-founder Archie Gottesman.
  • Tobacco Truths? From 'Vaping Is Better' To Corporate Smoke & Mirrors
    British American Tobacco reports on research that pooh-poohs risk of vaping, while WHO says quitting tobacco in any form is the only healthful option.
  • Merrell's Advice About Everything? #DoItOutdoors
    The TV spot focuses on a family watching a backyard movie. Digital ads offer simple prompts, like "practice your presentation...outside."
  • For Happy Dads, A Miller Lite/New Balance 'Shoezie' -- And Hard Seltzer In Non-Skinny Cans
    Two very different beverage brands are touting dad-friendly features and promos in the run-up to Father's Day.
  • Buying Depop, Etsy Tries On Resale Fashion
    Etsy is paying $1.63 billion for U.K.-based fashion resale marketplace Depop, which says about 90% of its active users are 26 or younger.
  • With Sales Blazing, Best Buy Reaches Deeper Into Senior Territory
    Best Buy is launching Lively Smart, billed as the "simplest smartphone yet," designed to make seniors feel safer and more connected.
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