• 'Avengers: Endgame' Opening Behind Marvelous Marketing Support
    The marketing budget of about $200 million "is far and away the biggest marketing promotional campaign in Marvel Studios history," according to one report.
  • Coca-Cola Looking To Caffeine To Fuel Its Growth
    If will launch the caffeine-infused Coca-Cola Plus Coffee in 25 overseas markets by the end of 2019.
  • Samsung Delays Launch Of Its Flawed, 2G Foldable Smartphone
    After several techies with pre-release review copies of the device reported their Galaxy Folds were breaking, company announced it would delay its April 26 rollout in the U.S.
  • As Tesla Trims Board, Elon Musk Banks On Autonomous Vehicles
    "'I could be wrong, but it appears to be the case that Tesla is vastly ahead of everyone" in its pursuit of self-driving cars, claims Musk.
  • McDonald's Won't Give Any More Time To Signature Crafted Recipes Line
    Why did the chain ax customizable burgers? They failed to drive sales and lengthened wait times at McDonald's drive-through windows,
  • Pinterest, Zoom Take Their Stories Public
    Pinterest will start trading on NYSE at $19 per share, valuing it at about $12.7 billion. Video-conferencing app Zoom is selling shares of its Nasdaq stock at $36 apiece.
  • Qualcomm, Apple Settle Ugly Disputes, Letting The 5G Chips Fall
    Working with Qualcomm again, Apple can now "fire up the engines" in race for fastest 5G phone.
  • Nike Cashes In On Sticking With Woods While Other Brands Fled
    Nike's first payoff? Millions of fans seeing Tiger Woods raise a clenched fist in victory for winning the Masters again, amid the Swooshes on hat, shirt and shoes,
  • Lyft Applies Brakes To E-Bikes In Response To Accident Reports
    Lyft, which operates bicycle-sharing operations under different names in several major cites, is temporarily pulling electric bikes from its fleets because of a braking problem.
  • Campbell Reportedly Near Distress Sale Of Bolthouse Farms To Ex-CEO
    Campbell paid $1.55 billion for the company in 2012, and will unload it for about $500 million if Campbell's board approves.
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