• McDonald's Flexes Muscles Announcing Reduction Of Antibiotics In Beef
    Company says move is "industry-leading commitment" to help preserve "effectiveness of antibiotics for human and animal health in the future."
  • Arrest Of Huawei CFO Could Have Long-Term Repercussions For Tech
    Fallout should be "at the very least, an even more difficult relationship for the handful of U.S. tech giants that have found great fortune in China," says one report.
  • Kraninger Will Run CFPB Despite Lack Of Consumer Finance Experience
    "Republicans argued that her management experience at the OMB qualified her for the job," while "Democrats disagreed," according to one report.
  • MoviePass Launches New Pricing Scheme With PR Blitz
    The three-tiered subscription plan is also priced more expensively in markets like New York and L.A. than it is in the heartland.
  • Kroger Setting Up Shops Within 13 Walgreens, Launches Meal Kits Offering
    Partnership between largest U.S. largest supermarket retailer and biggest drug chain "aims to promote a convenient, one-stop shopping experience."
  • GlaxoSmithKline Buys U.S. Cancer Drug After Selling Horlicks To Unilever
    The pharma company bought Tesaro, a biopharma best known for Zejula, a developing treatment that uses the body's immune system to battle ovarian cancer.
  • Carmakers, Ag Industry Hopeful After U.S., China Reach Trade Truce
    The U.S. agreed to postpone raising the tariff on $200 billion of Chinese imports from 10% to 25% while negotiations continue.
  • Polman Leaving Unilever In Hands Of Jope, A Lifer Who Headed U.S. Unit
    Polman was the prime mover behind Unilever's visionary Sustainable Living Plan, which industry observers expect Jope to continue, as its ideals are now embedded in the company.
  • Pabst And MillerCoors Reach Agreement To Keep Blue Ribbon Flowing
    Settlement was announced as jury was deliberating lawsuit alleging that MillerCoors was trying to put Pabst out of business.
  • As Trump Blasts GM For Its Reorganization, Critics Blast The Bluster
    "General Motors has again exposed the inability of any politician to arrest the changes in technology and consumer tastes roiling the auto industry," according to the "WSJ."
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