• Major Phone Companies Reach Pact With State AGs To Curb Robocalls
    The move amplifies the anti-robocall measures contained in the bipartisan Stopping Bad Robocalls Act that was passed by the House in June. It remains on hold in the Senate.
  • All Is Fast Food Fare In Twitter Fowl War
    Popeyes purportedly touched off The Chicken Wars of 2019 with a simple tweet a week ago Monday about its new sandwich.
  • Bayer Sells Its Animal Health Business To Elanco As Pets Sector Grows
    "Market researchers expect the $44 billion animal health sector to grow 5%-6% per year, driven by an increase in livestock farming" -- and by more spending on pets' well being.
  • 181 Major Companies Declare Shareholders No Longer Come First
    The CEOs of the Business Roundtable are committing "to lead their companies for the benefit of all stakeholders -- customers, employees...communities and shareholders."
  • Trump, Advisors Counter Warnings About A Looming Recession
    "The upside is that most economists don't expect this next downturn, whenever it should occur, to be anything like the Great Recession, which broke records for length and severity."
  • FDA Wants 13 Grisly Images Of Smoking's Impact On Cigarette Packs
    "The proposal is also a test of the rule-making clout of the agency, after its previous effort to implement pictorial warnings was quashed," according to report.
  • To Each Their Own: Cinnamon Coca-Cola, Cranberry Sprite, PSL Spam
    Pepsi's 2017 iteration of cinnamon cola got mixed reviews, but Coca-Cola Co.is forging ahead with holiday-themed, limited-edition Coca-Cola Cinnamon and Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry.
  • Eying Holiday Shopping Prices, White House Delays Some China Tariffs
    The President "unexpectedly put off new tariffs on many Chinese goods, including cellphones, laptop computers and toys, until after the start of the Christmas shopping season."
  • Olive Garden Tantalizes Pasta Lovers With Lifetime Pass Promotion
    Lifetime offer, for 50 customers only, is part of Olive Garden's nine-week Never Ending Pasta Pass promotion. Last year, eight-week passes sold out in less than a second.
  • Microsoft Hopes 'Ninja' Will Add Players, Viewers To Mixer Platform
    Multimillionaire gamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins left Amazon's Twitch platform -- where he was approaching 15 million followers -- for Microsoft's Mixer on Aug. 1.
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