• FDA Wants To Ban Menthol Cigarettes, Restrict Sales Of E-Cigs
    "The data show that kids using e-cigarettes are going to be more likely to try combustible cigarettes later," says FDA Commish.
  • A Victoria's Secret CEO Departs As Company Reels From CMO's Remarks
    The company has three CEOs for its different divisions, and it's Victoria's Secret Lingerie CEO, Jan Singer, who's reportedly leaving.
  • Questions Abound As Amazon Confirms Its Second HQ Choices
    The company will split its "second headquarters" between Arlington, Va. and New York's Long Island City, with Nashville, Tenn. also a new "Operations Center of Excellence."
  • Stan Lee, Super-Heroic Promoter Of Comics And Pop Culture, Dies
    "Lee catapulted Marvel from a tiny venture into the world's No. 1 publisher of comic books and, later, a multimedia giant," says one report.
  • SAP Buys Experience Management Firm Qualtrics For $8 Billion
    "Qualtrics captures and analyses data on brands and products from real-time sources including social media and email," according to one report.
  • P&G Restructuring Into 6 Business Units, Names Moeller COO
    That's down from a previous 10 product categories. It's not clear whether job cuts will be coming.
  • Ford Scoots Further Into Micro-Mobility Lane By Buying Spin
    Spin, a two-year-old San Francisco-based electric-scooter-sharing company, currently has operations in 13 cities and campuses across the U.S.
  • Ralph Lauren Disappoints The Market, But New Direction Has Its Boosters
    Despite "rather anemic" numbers, reports cite positive initiatives like a streetwear partnership and store openings in China.
  • Lowes Deals With Woes At 51 Locations By Shutting Them Down
    The shuttering of the stores -- 20 in the U.S., the rest in Canada -- should be complete by Feb. 1.
  • If You Don't Think Amazon Is Everywhere, Just Look At Your Newsfeed
    Among those stories: shipping free for everyone during holidays; race for second headquarters location tightening up; strike by antique book vendors.
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