• Auto Sales Plummeted In Q2 But Rebounded In Recent Weeks
    Industry expected double-digit declines, but the "result wasn't as bad as we thought it would be, fearing the worst,'" according to one analyst.
  • Adidas Makes Commitment To Black Community As HR Chief Retires
    Karen Parkin resigned yesterday after facing pushback for saying that the issue of racism was "noise" that was talked about only in the U.S.
  • Lululemon Bulks Up With Purchase Of Tech Home Fitness Company Mirror
    The activeweaar company is paying $500 million to buy Mirror, which streams live and on-demand fitness classes on a $1,500 reflective display,
  • Face Mask Confrontations Go Viral At Retailers, Starbucks
    Supermarkets have been prime locations for full-tilt freakouts where people curse and rant.
  • Unilever Renaming Fair & Lovely Skin Cream As J&J Kills Two Products
    Unilever said it would remove all references to the words "fair/fairness," "white/whitening," "light/lightening" from its products' packaging and communications.
  • Bayer To Pay Up To $10.9B To Settle Roundup Claims
    Bayer did not admit liability or wrongdoing, maintains that independent studies show that the substance is safe to use, and will continue to market the product.
  • Segway's Original Two-Wheeler Scooting Its Way Into Oblivion
    "How could you think that something this large and expensive would be personal mobility?" said one analyst after Segway's demise was announced
  • Cook Says Macs Will Start Using Apple Chips By End Of Year
    The chips "will improve battery life and allow for faster processing speeds and new security features," according to Apple.
  • Dreyer's Removing 'Derogatory' Term Eskimo From Ice Cream Treat
    "Eskimo" is considered derogatory "because non-native colonizers used it to mean 'eater of raw meat,' connoting barbarism," according to CBS News.
  • Kroger Sales Surge As Consumers Stockpile Essentials, Cook At Home
    Kroger yesterday reported a 92% increase in digital sales during its first quarter 2020, with an overall sales gain of 19.1%.
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