• McDonald's Won't Give Any More Time To Signature Crafted Recipes Line
    Why did the chain ax customizable burgers? They failed to drive sales and lengthened wait times at McDonald's drive-through windows,
  • Pinterest, Zoom Take Their Stories Public
    Pinterest will start trading on NYSE at $19 per share, valuing it at about $12.7 billion. Video-conferencing app Zoom is selling shares of its Nasdaq stock at $36 apiece.
  • Qualcomm, Apple Settle Ugly Disputes, Letting The 5G Chips Fall
    Working with Qualcomm again, Apple can now "fire up the engines" in race for fastest 5G phone.
  • Nike Cashes In On Sticking With Woods While Other Brands Fled
    Nike's first payoff? Millions of fans seeing Tiger Woods raise a clenched fist in victory for winning the Masters again, amid the Swooshes on hat, shirt and shoes,
  • Lyft Applies Brakes To E-Bikes In Response To Accident Reports
    Lyft, which operates bicycle-sharing operations under different names in several major cites, is temporarily pulling electric bikes from its fleets because of a braking problem.
  • Campbell Reportedly Near Distress Sale Of Bolthouse Farms To Ex-CEO
    Campbell paid $1.55 billion for the company in 2012, and will unload it for about $500 million if Campbell's board approves.
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond Says It's Putting Its House In Order
    "Normally reticent, indeed painfully private, company released a level of specificity about its operations that was pretty much without precedent over its more than a quarter-century as public company."
  • Is Diversity A Bane Or Boom For The Yogurt Culture?
    With 306 different types in average supermarket, will yogurt sales leap to $9.8 billion by 2022, or continue 6% downward spiral? Answer depends on which research report you read.
  • U.S. Proposes $11B In Tariffs On Cheese, Wine, Etc. Over Airbus
    The EU and the U.S. "have been battling for more than a decade over mutual claims of illegal aid to plane giants Boeing and Airbus," according to Reuters.
  • CPSC, Fisher-Price Warn Parents About 'Sleeper' For Infants Who Roll
    The Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently investigating Fisher-Price's Rock 'n Play Sleeper, on which at least 10 infants older than three months have died.
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