• In Olympic Push, Etsy Gets Earnest While Nike Turns Silly
    Nike's "Best Day Ever" spot is is a goofy ode to tomorrow, taking viewers through a single frenetic make-believe day.
  • Philip Morris Takes Heat For Acquisition Of Lung-Health-Remedy Provider
    UK-based Vectura, purchased for $1.2 billion, makes respiratory drug inhalers for conditions including obstructive pulmonary disease, or smoker's lung.
  • Deloitte, Mastercard Predict Heavy Spending On Back-To-School
    "We've entered a new era of schooling where traditional back-to-school supplies are fading in favor of tech," according to Deloitte report.
  • Too-Blatant Marketing Move? Tums Promotes Spicy Foods Consumption
    Tums has teamed with spicy food connoisseur Sean Evans (YouTube's "Hot Ones") to promote foods "certified Tumsworthy."
  • Nordstrom Reports 'What Can I Wear To Work?' Frenzy
    Ahead of its annual Anniversary Sale, the retailer's latest survey validates some of the COVID-19 tactics it adopted, like educational salespeople videos.
  • Be True To Your QSR: McDonald's, Popeyes Go National With Loyalty Programs
    In tests, MyMcDonald's Rewards members were "far more likely to return in the next 30 days compared to non-loyalty customers," says McDonald's prez.
  • Pinterest's Ban Of Weight-Loss Ads Pushes Brands To Ditch Age-Old Strategies
    Pinterest says changes reflect a psychological shift in its users, with searches up for "body neutrality" and "stop body-shaming quotes."
  • Bed Bath & Beyond Marketing Transformation Yields Mixed Results
    Sales are going strong, but analysts had expected better, noting company "still has work to do in order to fully reestablish its market position."
  • Few CPG, QSR Brands Lighting Up For Independence Day
    "With an unpredictable supply chain, brands are having to rethink some of their traditional seasonal campaigns," says retail specialist Jake Bolling.
  • Juul Fined $40M For Targeting Youths, Awaits Separate Antitrust Decision
    The $40M settlement, to be paid to North Carolina, could be followed by more fines, since 13 other states have sued Juul on similar charges.
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