• How Dry I Am: Non-Alkie Bevs Push Sober January
    O'Doul's is hooking up with dating site Match.com to give daters more non-drinking options when they search for someone new.
  • Third-Party Food Delivery: From Consolidation To Reconciliation?
    Will 2021 bring long-needed reconciliation between food delivery services and their drivers, as well as with restaurant industry at large?
  • New 'Jake From State Farm' Beats Out Pandemic Stories
    While they were driven to consume huge amounts of pandemic news, readers were also eager to read about something fun and playful.
  • For Budweiser, Clorox, Pandemic's Effects Were First Hard To Imagine
    The beer and liquor industry faced abrupt crises in 2020, while brands like Lysol and Charmin hit new heights.
  • Coca-Cola 2020: Challenged Even Before The Pandemic
    Sometimes a crisis speeds up things that should have been addressed in "normal" times.
  • TGI Fridays' 'Cluck-It' Bucket Gives The Bird To 2020
    In a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults shared by the chain, 52% of respondents described 2020 as "a sh!t show" and "exhausting."
  • Miller High Life Honors Its History With Champagne Packaging
    The "champagne of bottled beers" is now available in champagne-sized bottles.
  • Cottonelle Invites Us To Flush Away 2020, One Sheet At A Time
    Twenty consumers who write "one thing from 2020 [they] want to leave behind" on a toilet paper square can each win $21,000.
  • A Year Without Hits: Toys Face A Changing Market
    Why no hot toys? "The lack of big movies. We are highly dependent on intellectual property," says trend expert.
  • Feeling The Love, Snow Days: AT&T Ends Year With Touchy-Feely Messages
    In one ad, a teacher in a virtual classroom gives his kids a snow day -- and one mother takes a snow day, too.
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