• Pier 1 Says It's Time To Close Up All Shops
    "This decision follows months of working to identify a buyer who would continue to operate our business going forward" -- but no dice.
  • Johnson & Johnson Yanking Its Baby Powder In U.S, Canada
    J&J said it will prioritize only high-demand products in light of COVID-19. But there's much more to the story than that.
  • Gyms Opening Their Doors, Some In Defiance Of Local Edicts
    "Safety protocols are set at the state and local level, creating a patchwork of regulations and uncertainty," writes Hilary Potkewitz for "The Wall Street Journal."
  • Retail Sales Plummeted 16.4% In April
    And declines in specific categories over two months were staggering: 89% for clothing stores, 50% for restaurants and bars.
  • McDonald's Issues Strict Guidelines For Reopening Eating Areas
    Franchisees will encourage social distancing by closing some tables; requiring employees to wear masks and gowns; cleaning digital kiosks after every order.
  • Federal Reserve Chair Urges Washington To Spend More To Avoid 'Lasting Damage'
    The warning comes as the movement for additional government rescue measures has stalled.
  • Uber, Grubhub Chat About Sharing A Meal Delivery Service
    They could reach an agreement as soon as this month, sources tell Bloomberg's Ed Hammond, who broke the story, but "talks could still fall through," he reports.
  • Musk Battling Local Authorities Over Reopening Of Tesla Plant
    "Mr. Musk has a colorful history, but his stance was brazen even by those standards," writes Tim Higgins for "The Wall Street Journal."
  • A Tweet Makes United Airlines Look Bad As Woes Worsen For The Industry
    United Airlines catches social media heat for a doctor's tweeted photo of a fully packed flight from Newark to San Francisco Saturday,
  • Concert Goers, Travelers, Ride Hailers Riding Out COVID-19 At Home
    Quarterly reports issued this week for Uber, Lyft and Live Nation were all, unsurprisingly, dismal. Airbnb, meanwhile, is laying off a quarter of its 7,500 staffers.
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