• Do Craft Beer/College Sports Team-Ups Carry 'Hypocritical Baggage'?
    Some schools report alcohol sponsorships compromise "their own efforts to combat 'epidemic levels' of alcohol abuse,'" says agency exec.
  • With "Make It A Thing," Shutterfly Launches Biggest Campaign
    The photo sharing and personalization brand positions itself as a conduit of creation and self-expression.
  • Coca-Cola Unveils 'Real Magic' Platform, Twitch Collaboration
    Moving into gaming, brand shifts from "primarily broadcast communications to create an ecosystem of experiences for our consumers."
  • Best Buy Celebrates Small Wins, Sales Associates In New Campaign
    Best Buy acknowledges it's much more than a new computer: "We're the friend" that will help consumers make technology work for them.
  • DoorDash Expands Offerings With Alcohol, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dylish
    With the partnership, Dylish said it can now expand the radius of their delivery services to almost any location in the nation.
  • New Twitter Campaign Says 3,147 Animal Emojis Serve Key Purpose
    Using the hashtag #AnimalsDoWhat, the National Council of SPCAs encourages people to focus on all the amazing ways animals make the world a better place.
  • Nike Misses A Step Financially, But Adds Billie Eilish To Celeb Line-Up
    Even Nike can't outrun supply-chain woes, with the mighty apparel company posting some uncharacteristically disappointing results.
  • Walmart Continues Fight For Green Respect In New Campaign
    Walmart unveiled "Built for Better" -- the digital destination that makes it easier for customers to find eco-friendly products.
  • With Uterus-Shaped Vending Machine, The Pill Club Sends A Message
    Pill Club is fierce in its commitment to treating birth control as a healthcare choice, not a political football.
  • O-I Glass, Pepsi: Avoid Plastic Or Recycle It?
    New "Plastic-Free Diet" campaign is based on study that shows "average person" ingests about five grams of plastic weekly.
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