• In Retail, Haves And Have-Nots Follow The Same Path
    Surprise: Most companies' tactics are the same, whether they are struggling or reporting record earnings.
  • As Dining Preferences Shift, Denny's Will Roll Out Virtual Concepts
    More than half of the chain's approximately 1,500 U.S. restaurants have signed on for rollout of the virtual brand The Burger Den.
  • Sephora Tackles Racism In Retail
    Sephora's "Racial Bias in Retail Report" found that Black retail shoppers are 2.5 times more likely to be mistreated in stores.
  • Samsung's New Galaxy S21 Actually Cheaper Than Last Year's Model
    That may be a lesson from the pandemic, when smartphone buying languished, or an indication of consumers' resistance to $1,000 phones.
  • Walmart Dives Into Smart Coolers, Fintech
    Smart coolers make it possible to securely deliver frozen, refrigerated and pantry foods -- long a grocery delivery issue.
  • Pilgrim's Pride, Tyson Settle Broiler Chicken Price-Fixing Claims
    Pilgrim's Pride said it will pay $75 million to settle, while Tyson did not disclose the amount of its settlement
  • As Sit-Down Restaurants Struggle, Burger King Rolls Out Brand Refresh
    Product wraps show visual brand revamp, with retro look symbolized by a swirly typeface that evokes the 1970s.
  • GM Unveils New Logo, Brand Identity
    The new logo, created in-house, features a lower case "gm" with the "m" meant to resemble an electrical outlet, says GM's Deborarh Wahl.
  • Pottery Barn Is Planting Trees -- Will More Brands Lean Into Sustainability?
    To offset the impact of its wooden furniture, Pottery Barn is on a mission to plant three million trees.
  • 'Impossible' Dream? Meat Substitutes Aim For Price Parity With Beef
    Impossible Foods is cutting prices of its plant-based products to foodservice distributors by double digits
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