• Amy Schumer Tackles Food Waste In Hellmann's Super Bowl Debut
    In teaser spot, Schumer opens a mayonnaise-laden refrigerator to the tune of mystical music -- then smiles, steps inside, sprouts pair of wings.
  • Coors Says It Will Help You Dream Ad It Can't Show You During Super Bowl
    With A-B controlling ad space for the SB, Coors decided instead to go where no marketer has gone before -- into viewers' dreams.
  • First Time To Game: Chipotle Joins Super Bowl Field To Spotlight Local Farmers
    "Can A Burrito Change The World?" will run during the second quarter of the Feb. 7 game on CBS.
  • Emotional Engagement Fuels Fiercest Loyalty For Amazon, Dick's, Trader Joe's
    Some brands sailed through the COVID-19 stress test by enhancing brand-to-consumer emotional engagement and meeting customers' expectations.
  • Tums Aims For End-Run Around 'The Big Game'
    Tums joins brands that use other ways than buying Super Bowl ads to get their messages across.
  • P&G's CFO Predicts Profits From Pandemic-Related Changes Will Continue
    "We will serve what will likely become a forever altered cleaning, health and hygiene focus for consumers," said CFO Jon Moeller.
  • In Retail, Haves And Have-Nots Follow The Same Path
    Surprise: Most companies' tactics are the same, whether they are struggling or reporting record earnings.
  • As Dining Preferences Shift, Denny's Will Roll Out Virtual Concepts
    More than half of the chain's approximately 1,500 U.S. restaurants have signed on for rollout of the virtual brand The Burger Den.
  • Sephora Tackles Racism In Retail
    Sephora's "Racial Bias in Retail Report" found that Black retail shoppers are 2.5 times more likely to be mistreated in stores.
  • Samsung's New Galaxy S21 Actually Cheaper Than Last Year's Model
    That may be a lesson from the pandemic, when smartphone buying languished, or an indication of consumers' resistance to $1,000 phones.
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