• Citing Crowded Market, Colt Suspends Sale Of AR-15 Rifles To Consumers
    Colt made clear it was responding to an oversaturated market for AR-15s and will continue to expand its dealer network and its lines of revolvers and 1911 pistols.
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Will Keep Complaint Database Public
    The bureau will also "release data visualization and analysis tools to help people interpret the data in context," according to report.
  • Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza Delivers Answer To 'What Will They Think Of Next?'
    Pizza Hut's new item looks like a giant Cheez-It, though stuffed with mozzarella cheese or pepperoni, with a side of marinara sauce for dipping,
  • WeWork Delays Road Show, Says IPO Will Be Completed By Year's End
    "WeWork has become an extreme example of the excesses afforded to technology entrepreneurs in the era of unicorns," says one report.
  • OxyContin Marketer Purdue Files Chapter 11
    Bankruptcy raises stakes "on legal sparring over how much of the personal fortunes of the billionaire Sackler family, which owns Purdue, will be available to compensate plaintiffs."
  • Old Navy Plans To Launch 800 Ships On Retail's Rough Waters
    Old Navy, which has outperformed its sister brands Gap and Banana Republic, said it plans to open stores mostly in smaller, underserved markets.
  • GameStop Is 'De-Densifying' As It Launches New Strategy
    Retail chain that peddles hardcopy video games says it will shutter 180 to 200 "under-performing" locations and transform itself into a "social and cultural hub" for gamers.
  • Apple Shifts The Direction Of Its Pricing
    Apple revealed its cheapest new iPhone ever, and a lower-priced Apple smartwatch, along with $4.99 a month fees for the new Apple TV+streaming service.
  • FDA Tells Juul Its Marketing Claims Violate Regulations
    Witnesses testified that Juul advertising saturated social-media channels frequented by underage teens.
  • 'It: Chapter Two' Scores Big With Marketers
    A large cast of marketing partners -- including Carl's Jr, AT&T, and Shell -- support an experiential marketing project for the film.
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