• For Budweiser, Clorox, Pandemic's Effects Were First Hard To Imagine
    The beer and liquor industry faced abrupt crises in 2020, while brands like Lysol and Charmin hit new heights.
  • Coca-Cola 2020: Challenged Even Before The Pandemic
    Sometimes a crisis speeds up things that should have been addressed in "normal" times.
  • TGI Fridays' 'Cluck-It' Bucket Gives The Bird To 2020
    In a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults shared by the chain, 52% of respondents described 2020 as "a sh!t show" and "exhausting."
  • Miller High Life Honors Its History With Champagne Packaging
    The "champagne of bottled beers" is now available in champagne-sized bottles.
  • Cottonelle Invites Us To Flush Away 2020, One Sheet At A Time
    Twenty consumers who write "one thing from 2020 [they] want to leave behind" on a toilet paper square can each win $21,000.
  • A Year Without Hits: Toys Face A Changing Market
    Why no hot toys? "The lack of big movies. We are highly dependent on intellectual property," says trend expert.
  • Feeling The Love, Snow Days: AT&T Ends Year With Touchy-Feely Messages
    In one ad, a teacher in a virtual classroom gives his kids a snow day -- and one mother takes a snow day, too.
  • Holiday Get-Togethers Not Off The Table, Despite COVID-19
    Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa drawing more interest for in-person activities (51%) than New Year's Eve (39%).
  • In A First, Walmart and TikTok Host Shoppable Livestream
    The move creates an "ecosystem where a purchase can be completed within the app. You don't have your journey interrupted," says analyst.
  • Cannabis Consolidation: Aphria/Tilray Deal Will Create Global Leader
    Deal announced Wednesday brings together Ontario-based cannabis producer Aphria and cannabis/pharmaceutical company Tilray.
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