• 'Noah' Talk Generates Box-Office Bucks
    All the elements for a rainmaking weekend were in place for "Noah" - pre-screening controversy from some religious leaders over accuracy, star Russell Crowe generating press for getting a meeting ("finally") with the Pope last week and, of course, a huge million or so budget to make and market the flick, which was No. 1 at the domestic box office with a $44 million opening.
  • Microsoft Sets Up Its Office On iPads
    New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadell and his colleagues tellingly introduced a version of its Office suite for Apple iPads yesterday in ways that made a clear distinction between his style - and the company's direction - and the past.
  • Deal Restricts Four Loko's Marketing To Youth
    Chicago-based Phusion Projects LLC has reached an agreement with 20 attorneys general nationwide to drastically modify the marketing of its alcopop drink Four Loko in a decision announced Tuesday.
  • Facebook Buys Into A 3D Future Of Marketing
    In three videos on "Marketing" magazine's site, Georgina Brazier and Matthew Chapman investigate "how the technology works, how a virtual reality roller coaster can feel like the real deal, and the potential experiential marketing possibilities provided by Oculus Rift" in a visit with Henry Stuart, co-founder of Visualise, and Jon Spary, head of new business at Curb.
  • Ex-Yale President Levin Will Lead Coursera's Expansion
    Richard C. (Rick) Levin, who increased Yale's endowment from $3 billion to $20 billion over the course of two decades as its president and is known for his push for internationalization at the university, yesterday was named president of Coursera, the two-year-old online learning company that "has won powerful allies in higher education by persuading them that it plans to behave more like a university than an investor-backed Silicon Valley company," as Steve Kolowich writes in the "Chronicle of Higher Education."
  • Apple Talks Streaming With Comcast, Recording Execs
    Apple is doing a lot of talking about what consumers will see and hear on their devices whether or not they bear an Apple logo.
  • Delta Program Links In Mentors With Mentees
    Have you ever sat next to a know-it-all on a long flight from somewhere to someplace? How'd that work for ya? Well, Delta and LinkedIn are making a virtue of the experience.
  • The Downs And Ups Of Goldman's Elevator Satirist
    John LeFevre, the @GSElevator satirist outed by name and exposed as never having actually officially worked at Goldman Sachs by the New York Times' Andrew Ross Sorkin a month ago, is becoming something of a lesson in the art of presentation. After having his forthcoming book axed from its fall list by his first publisher, Simon & Schuster, on March 6, Grove Atlantic yesterday announced that it was shelling out six figures for "Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance and Excess in the World of Investment Banking."
  • Google's Android Wear Gets The Jump In Smartwatches
    Android Wear may sound like a product tailored more for RoboCop than consumers who still shell out the shekels but it's the name of the extended Google OS that will soon debut in that "familiar form factor" known as the wrist watch.
  • Walmart Getting Into The Used Videogame Game
    One thing that's made with superior spit and finesse in the U.S. is the spirit of luring customers from the competition. And so it is that even as Walmart ramps up its patriotic advertising campaign - as "Marketing Daily"'s Sarah Mahoney reports this morning - it is also setting out to steal market share from GameStop and lesser entities that deal in the rapidly expanding cosmos of used videogames.
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