• NCAA Will Allow Athletes To Cash In On Their (Social Media) Prowess
    The idea that athletes would have an advantage over average students has completely flipped with the advent of social media.
  • Simon Property Group To Reopen Malls In 10 States With Strict Safety Protocols
    Employees will wear masks and Simon will "use 'traffic measuring technology' to limit patrons to one person per 50 square feet," according to one report.
  • Boeing CEO Presents Bleak Outlook For Airlines
    With passenger demand down 95% from last year, global airline revenues are forecast to drop by $314 billion in 2020.
  • Land O'Lakes Removal Of Native Woman From Packaging Stirs Controversy
    The event brought on a confusing flurry of reactions, including this one: "Land O Lakes can kiss this butter buyer's ass."
  • Meat Shortages Loom As Plants Close
    "Grocery executives at retailers including Walmart and Costco Wholesale worry supplies of some products could run short just as demand is surging," says "WSJ."
  • Victoria's Secret Buyer Says Retailer's COVID-19 Actions Void The Deal
    Investor said V's Secret decisions "to close its U.S. stores in March, furlough the majority of its workers and skip April rent payments" violated proposed transaction.
  • After Weeks Of Negotiation, Senate Passes Small Business Relief Package
    What's next? Congress has already begun debate over a fourth phase of coronavirus relief that "could rival the $2.2 trillion CARES Act passed by Congress last month."
  • Low Price Of iPhone SE Gets Reviewers Talking
    "This is the iPhone most people should buy. Period. Full stop," wrote one reviewer. For Apple, some questions remain.
  • Facebook Launches Gaming App To Compete With Twitch, YouTube
    "We're seeing a big rise in gaming during quarantine," since it's "a form of entertainment that really connects people," says Facebook exec.
  • Verizon Dons Blue Jeans, A Business Videoconferencing Platform
    Clients like Facebook and LinkedIn consider BlueJeans highly secure. It offers end-to-end encryption, which has helped distinguish it from many rivals.
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