• Amazon Delivers Record-Breaking Quarter As Customers Shelter At Home
    "Profits doubled to a record $5.2 billion, far exceeding analyst expectations," Sebastian Herrera reports for "The Wall Street Journal."
  • The Results Are In: People Love To Shopify During A Pandemic
    Shopify, which enables mom-and-pop retailers, ecommerce entrepreneurs and established brands to market wares online, saw its revenues nearly double over the same period last year.
  • Kodak Gets $765M From Feds To Produce Key Pharma Ingredients
    The new direction is definitely a reversal of fortunes for the company, which has been disassembling for decades.
  • Bezos, Cook, Pichai, Zuckerberg Face Congressional Antitrust Grilling
    Tomorrow's the day for the hearing, which some expect will find the industry "has skirted federal competition laws because the protections haven't kept pace with the digital age."
  • SAP Is Taking Qualtrics Public After A Short Experience Managing It
    Qualtrics gathers real-time feedback from customers to help analyze how a company's products or services are performing.
  • Google Shopping Takes On A (Really Big) Rival By Eliminating Commissions
    Google Shopping yesterday announced it was eliminating commission fees for retailers and is opening its platform to third-party providers such as PayPal and Shopify.
  • U.S. Will Pay Pfizer, BioNTech $1.95B For Promising COVID-19 Vaccine
    "So far, the United States has put money into more than a half dozen efforts, hoping to build manufacturing ability for an eventual breakthrough," reports NYT.
  • Walmart Will Be Closed On Thanksgiving
    "I suspect Walmart Inc. has just killed a holiday shopping tradition that was badly in need of rethinking," writes 'Bloomberg' columnist.
  • Warner Bros. Again Postpones Opening Of Potential Blockbuster, 'Tenet'
    The studio canceled Aug. 12 debut. No major new films are likely to be released in the U.S. until at least September.
  • HS Senior's Petition Calls Out Trader Joe's For 'Racist' Branding
    TJ said labeling Chinese food "Trader Ming's" was "rooted in a lighthearted attempt at inclusiveness," but now recognizes it may "have the opposite effect."
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