• FedEx Will Deliver To Homes 7 Days A Week Year-Round
    The service expansion is the latest FedEx announcement of new offerings in a series that includes SameDay Bot, which will begin tests in Memphis later this year.
  • Pokemon Wants To Go To Bed With You
    New app Pokemon Sleep will "track the amount of time players spend sleeping and when they wake up," data that "will have an effect on game play."
  • Johnson & Johnson Accused Of Cynical Brainwashing As Opioid Trial Opens
    State of Oklahoma claims J&J marketed opioids as "safe and effective for everyday pain" but downplayed their addictive qualities.
  • Fiat Chrysler Wants To Create No. 3 Automaker In Merger With Renault
    But Renault's existing alliance with Japanese automakers and its own partial ownership by the French government may complicate the deal.
  • It's Not Rare For Arby's To Find A Way To Roast Vegetarian Options
    "The chances we will bring plant-based menu items to our restaurants, now or in the future, are absolutely impossible," said the chain.
  • Reconstruction Of Lowe's Proving Difficult, But Sales Are Up
    Its "new team helped Lowe's record better quarterly same-store sales growth than Home Depot for first time in three years," but didn't react fast enough to cost increases.
  • Talk About Strange Things: New Coke Coming Back For Guest Spot
    Netflix's "Stranger Things" season 3, unveiling July 4, will feature cans of New Coke, though the soda company hasn't paid Netflix for product placement.
  • FCC Chief Pai Approves Revised Sprint T-Mobile Merger Plans
    But it's still not a done deal, since not every one of five FCC commissioners is on board, and the Justice Department must approve the merger as well.
  • Taco Bell Teases A Pop-up Hotel, Will Spill The Beans Soon
    The Bell will open Aug. 9 at currently unspecified resort in Palm Springs, Calif., featuring exclusive menu items, gift shops selling Taco Bell clothing, other specialties.
  • Executive Order Impacting Huawei Will Also Hit U.S. Tech Companies
    Huawei does business with Silicon Valley's biggest companies, including Qualcomm, Broadcom, Intel and Oracle.
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