• Fed Judge Orders FDA To Speed Up E-Cig Reviews As NC Sues Juul
    North Carolina is the first state to take legal action against Juul, accusing it of using "unfair and deceptive" marketing practices to appeal to minors.
  • Shopping Homepage Aims To Be Google's Gimbels To Amazon's Macy's
    Google's new page lets consumers filter by features like price or brand, and then buy directly from retailers on Google, in a nearby store or elsewhere online.
  • Meatless Meat Enjoying A Bountiful Growing Season
    On the faux hoofs of Beyond Meats' thunderous IPO a couple of weeks ago, Impossible Foods yesterday announced it has raised an additional $300 million in financing.
  • LVMH, Rihanna Find Love In A Hopeful Partnership Named Fenty
    The 31-year-old singer is "reportedly the first woman to create an original brand at LVMH and the first woman of color at the top of an LVMH maison."
  • Zillow Expands Its Home Buying, Reports More Millennials Live With Mom
    Company will expand its Zillow Offers program, which takes on the task of preparing homes for showings, and then lists them for sale, to 20 markets across the U.S.
  • GM Considering Sale Of Lordstown Facility To EV Maker
    But the automaker faces pushback from the United Auto Workers, who say "General Motors should assign a product to the Lordstown facility and continue operating it."
  • Ride Share Drivers Strike As Lyft Reports, Uber Preps To Go Public
    Uber and Lyft drivers around the world plan to strike or rally today to protest their meager cut of the take and poor working conditions.
  • Attention, Shoppers: Lord & Taylor May Be Up For Sale
    Hudson's Bay Co. says it is "pursuing strategic alternatives" for its venerable Lord & Taylor stores, a process that may include a sale or merger with another operation.
  • Trump's Tweets On Trade Talks Rattle Chinese Negotiators, World Markets
    China said this morning it still intended to attend trade talks in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday despite tweets threatening to increase tariffs.
  • 5 Execs Face 20 Years For Racketeering Conviction In Opioid Case
    Insys Therapeutics execs were found guilty of conspiracy for bribing medical doctors to push addictive fentanyl-based spray to patients who did not need it.
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