• VW Says It's Running On All Cylinders Again
    On its way to resolving the fines and penalties it will have to pay over its emission scandal and having said it's sorry for its transgressions at the highest level, Volkswagen is looking ahead with upbeat resolve and plans to launch over 20 additional models by 2020.
  • Dyson's New Hair Dryer Efficiently Generates Gushing Reviews
    We'll save the price for later - suffice to say that this is the sort of thing that the Chobani nouvelles might covet if they weren't so darn grounded - but Sir James Dyson is looking to do for the human head what he did for the shag rug. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is, simply and elegantly, "the hair dryer re-thought."
  • Wall Street Unloads Over Apple Results; Others Say 'Hold On'
    With iPhone sales slipping 16% year-on-year and quarterly revenue declining for the first time in 13 years, Apple shares tumbled below $100 in after-hours trading following its release of even-worse-than-expected second quarter 2016 results. Incremental improvements to the devices and the end of carriers' subsidies, which provide the bulk of Apple's revenue, is causing people to hold on to their old devices longer. Oh, yeah, then there's China.
  • Valeant Writes A Script For Turnaround: Perrigo CEO Papa
    Troubled Valeant Pharmaceuticals will have a new chairman and CEO next month - Joseph Papa - even as outgoing leader, J. Michael Pearson, is scheduled to testify about the "repercussions" of its business model on patients and the health care system as a whole before the Senate Special Committee on Aging tomorrow. Papa has led Dublin-based Perrigo since 2006.
  • Acclaimed 'Lemonade' Also Shows Beyonce's Business Acumen
    "Everyone is talking about" Beyonce's "Lemonade," the Washington Post tells us, which was released even as her hour-long HBO music video of the same name was awing fans, fellow artists and celebrities alike on HBO Saturday night.
  • Sears Holdings Eyes Profitability in 2016 As It Shutters 78 More Stores
    Sears Holdings announced yesterday that it will close an additional 68 Kmarts and 10 Sears over the next few months "to accelerate its transformation and its return to profitability." That's on top of 50 stores it announced it was closing in February.
  • VW Shares Up As Market Gets Wind Of Today's Settlement Offer
    As part of a sweeping and costly settlement proposal, Volkswagen will later today tell a federal court in San Francisco that it will buy back nearly 500,000 diesel vehicles that gamed U.S. vehicle emission regulations, according to a Reuters story bearing all the usual qualifications about details being hammered out and a deal not being a deal until it is signed and sealed.
  • Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Successful; Market To Explode
    Two new studies find that drugs that use the body's own immune system to help fight cancer are proving to be effective in many cases even as a report from London-based research and consulting firm GlobalData projects that the total immuno-oncology market will be worth approximately $14 billion by 2019, rising to $34 billion by 2024.
  • Netflix Shares Plunge On Q2 Prospects Even As Q1 Beats Expectations
    "Next month, many members - possibly as many as 17 million, according to USB Investment Bank - will begin seeing a $2 monthly increase to its most popular subscription plan, upping their monthly bill to $9.99. Netflix announced the increase two years ago and had grandfathered long-term customers with the lower price," Mike Snider reports for "USA Today."
  • 'Jungle Book' Markets Its Way To Huge, Broad-Based Opening
    Disney's "The Jungle Book," a $175-million, 3-D, live-action PG-rated adaptation of its 1967 animation of Rudyard Kipling's 19th-century collection of stories, took in $103.6 million for its North American opening over the weekend, beating even the highest analysts' projections and giving it the second-highest April debut ever behind last year's "Furious 7," Tre'vell Anderson reports in the "Los Angeles Times." It also grossed $187.4 million overseas.
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