• Despite Gillette's Woes, Price Increases Lead P&G To Stellar Results
    The company said that organic sales -- which strip out currency moves, acquisitions and divestitures -- rose 7% in the quarter.
  • Citing Bloat, Uber Lays Off 1/3 Of Marketing Staff
    "Uber lost $1.01 billion in the first three months of this year, according to the company's first earnings report as a public company," according to one report.
  • Pfizer Close To Deal With Mylan To Combine Low-Price Drug Offerings
    "The deal would bring together two businesses whose sales have slowed since former big sellers lost patent protection and began facing lower-priced competition."
  • Starbucks Pressing Ahead With Store Openings, New Offerings
    Its Q3 fiscal 2019 results have Wall Street frothing with enthusiasm over CEO Kevin Johnson's multi-pronged strategies to both expand the company's footprint and increase traffic.
  • Tesla, Nissan, Ford, Daimler Tell Us How They're Doing
    In their quarterly reports, all four automakers noted losses -- at Tesla, a larger-than-expected drop.
  • Harley Says It Was Too Optimistic -- But It's Still Pumped About What's Coming
    Harley Davidson faced declines in U.S. sales again, but expressed confidence in moves toward more overseas sales and new models, including electric-powered motorcycle.
  • Microsoft Teaming With OpenAI To Pursue Artificial General Intelligence
    AGI "represents a more futuristic version of AI that aims to work across different fields, rather than being more narrowly focused on specific tasks such as writing or translation."
  • Strategically Marketed 'Lion King' Rules Box Office Despite Reviews
    "It's the ninth-biggest opening of all time, a July record (unseating 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2') and a PG-rating record (taking over from 'The Incredibles 2)."
  • EPA Won't Ban Pesticide That's Linked To Brain Damage In Children
    EPA's decision, representing a win for industry, "drew swift condemnation from groups that have pushed for years to remove the pesticide from the market."
  • Drop In Housing Starts, Permits Could Dampen Economic Growth
    "Residential housing construction is one of the leading indicators of a recession," and while it's not dropping precipitously, housing's stuck in a rut.
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