• Gillette's FlexBall Faces Scruff And Skeptics
    You'd be excused for thinking that a Fusion ProGlide FlexBall is some new gimmicky piece of exercise equipment that purports to do it all from flattening flabby abs to stretching tight hammies. It's actually some new gimmicky piece of shaving equipment that purports to be "a game-changer."
  • Sponsors Drop Clippers Protesting Owners' Remarks
    Even as the players on the Los Angeles Clippers left their logo-emblazoned shooting jackets on the floor of the Oracle Arena in Oakland Sunday night to protest the racist remarks apparently made by owner Donald Sterling in a tape-recorded conversation with a former girlfriend, many of the team's sponsors shed their support for the franchise yesterday.
  • BK's Subservient Chicken Is On The Loose
    Burger King is testing an old maxim, "If at first you succeed in going viral, try really, really, really hard to do so again."
  • Verizon Wireless Sees Drop in Phone Customers
    Although Verizon Wireless' customer base increased by more than a half-million customers last quarter, the growth came through new tablet connections, indicating that aggressive marketing campaigns by its rivals are cutting into its mobile phone business. Verizon Wireless added 634,000 tablet users but lost about 138,000 net postpaid phone customers.
  • FDA Issuing First Regs On E-Cigs
    The Food and Drug Administration is exercising its authority to regulate e-cigarettes in an announcement today that will ban their sale to consumers under 18 and will require manufacturers to disclose their ingredients and to print a warning label that nicotine is addictive.
  • Focus Drives Big Pharma's Focus On Deals
    As part of an ongoing trend for pharmaceutical companies to get back to their knitting, Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline "agreed to trade more than $20 billion worth of assets on Tuesday to bolster their best businesses and exit weaker ones," as Reuters' Caroline Copley and Paul Sandle put it.
  • Fields About To Take Wheel At Ford, Reports Say
    Ford CEO Alan Mulally is going to take the exit ramp earlier than had been anticipated, according to numerous reports sourced by unnamed insiders this morning but first reported by Bloomberg yesterday, with 53-year-old COO Mark Fields taking his place. The formal announcement is reportedly set for next month, with the actual transition taking place by July. Earlier, Mulally had indicated that he'd step down at the end of the year.
  • Chobani Expanding Its Battles On Multiple Fronts
    Chobani, which has become the top-selling Greek yogurt brand in the U.S. and an U.S. Olympic team sponsor in less than a decade of existence, is on the move globally and is introducing a half-dozen products over the coming months with the intent of disrupting eating patterns in new dayparts.
  • Walmart Slashes Fees For Money Transfers
    Imagine you're selling something for $85 and Walmart comes along and says it's going to offer an identical service for under $10. That's an extreme example of what happened yesterday when the retailer announced plans to get into the money transfer business, undercutting the fees charged by the two big players in the game, Western Union and MoneyGram.
  • It's Back To The Future For Ford's Mustang
    Ford stood far above the crowd at the press preview for the New York Auto Show yesterday by parking a sparkling, canary yellow 2015 Mustang on the 86th-floor observation deck of the Empire State Building. It was exactly 50 years ago this week that the automaker unveiled the first Mustang at the New York World's Fair in "Ford's first International Press Introduction of an automobile," as Lee Iacocca put it.
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