• P&G Veteran McDonald Picked To Clean Up The VA
    Bob McDonald, the West Point graduate whose 33-year career at Procter& Gamble culminated in a contentious reign as CEO for nearly four years, will be nominated by President Barack Obama to run the embattled Department of Veterans Affairs today, according to sources within the White House.
  • Paula Kent Meehan, 'Can-Do' Shampoo Innovator
    Paula Kent Meehan, an aspiring Hollywood actress and childhood friend of Debbie Reynolds who became a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist - changing the way consumers think about their shampoo in the process - died earlier this week in her Beverly Hills home. She was 82.
  • General Mills Cutting Costs As Q4 Net Sales Drop 3%
    With "disappointing" sales and a drop in revenue for its fiscal fourth quarter 2014, General Mills yesterday announced it was launching a formal review of its North American manufacturing and distribution network "with the goals of streamlining operations and identifying potential capacity reductions."
  • Google's New Products Live Streamed Today
    Google I/O, the annual technology conference, kicks off today with new-product speculation ranging from a set-top box that would be its Android answer to Apple TV, Roku and Amazon's Fire TV to new functionality for the oft-maligned Google Glass. Look for progress, not fireworks.
  • The Battle Between Taste And Health Rages On
    On back-to-back days in USA Today, Bruce Horovitz has informed us of the latest way food marketers are going for the jugular - by which we mean, potentially clogging it up - with indulgences that may be hard to resist.
  • Tabloid Heaven: Dov Charney FIghts His Ouster
    American Apparel founder Dov Charney has indicated that he will vigorously fight the allegations of misconduct and sexual harassment that led his company's board to summarily oust him as chairman and remove him as president and CEO for 30 days, as per his contract, testing the limits of just how much any publicity can be construed as good publicity even by those who have successfully pushed the edge in the past.
  • Restoration Hardware's Catalog Lands With A Thud
    That thwack I heard emanating from the front stoop yesterday, it turned out, was the outcome of more than 10 pounds worth of UPS-delivered catalogs hitting the bluestone - Restoration Hardware's "2014 Annual Source Books" collection of "the most comprehensive and curated collection of home furnishings in the world."
  • T-Mobile, Amazon Escalate The Phone Wars
    At its latest "Un-carrier" event since the debut of the saber-rattling tagline in March 2013, T-Mobile CEO John Legere yesterday ramped up its enticing service offerings by unveiling an ad-free streaming radio service, Rhapsody unRadio, that's gratis to users on its Simple Choice plan and said it would not charge for the data used by those customers who choose to listen to competing streaming providers such as Pandora, Spotify and iTunes.
  • Barra Vows To Overhaul GM's Culture As Sales Rise
    General Motors CEO Mary Barra is taking her new mantra - we can and will our change our culture - to another Congressional hearing at 10 a.m. today. As difficult and disruptive as changing a brand's image can be, overhauling the way a behemoth such as GM conducts its internal business is undoubtedly a much more challenging undertaking.
  • Penney Loses Suit, Gets A Tongue Lashing
    JC Penney not only lost the case brought against it by Macy's for cutting a merchandising deal with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, it also got a finger-wagging lecture about engaging in "adolescent hijinks in the worst form" yesterday from the New York State Supreme Court judge who heard the case.
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