• McDonald's Flipping To Fresh Beef For Its Quarter Pounders
    McDonald's tweeted yesterday that most of its 14,000 locations in the U.S. would be using fresh, not frozen, beef in Quarter Pounders that will be cooked when ordered by the middle of 2018, somewhat taking the fast-food world's eyes off the no-more-beefcake decision announced by Carl's Jr. and Hardee's the day before
  • Samsung Gets Ahead Of Its Past With Galaxy S8 Reveal
    Samsung unboxed its much-anticipated Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus models at a ballyhooed live-streamed event in New York City yesterday and, in an age when product lifecycles are measured in a year or less, one prominent tech reviewer says it "looks like it beamed in from 2025."
  • Drug Makers Haggle Preemptive $37G Price For Eczema Treatment
    The FDA yesterday approved the use of Dupixent, a twice-a-month injectable treatment for moderate-to-severe eczema - a chronic, itchy skin rash - made by Regeneron and Sanofi, which in turn announced that they had agreed to set the price at $37,000 per year following gives-and-takes with pharmacy benefit managers.
  • AI Yi Yi Yi Says Musk, Who Forms New Company
    Elon Musk's latest company will endeavor to enhance a solar-powered machine that he fears may otherwise become obsolete in the face of rapidly advancing Artificial Intelligence. The human brain.
  • United Airlines Takes Flak Over 'Leggings-Gate'
    United Airlines is the latest company to learn that nothing noticed goes untweeted and anything tweeted can blow up into a major controversy within hours even if - or, maybe, particularly if - your social media team is standing by in rapid-response mode with a canned answer.
  • Disney Signs Iger For One More Sequel
    As has been anticipated since his heir apparent, COO Thomas Staggs, resigned last April, Disney Co. leading man Robert Iger yesterday agreed to extend his run as chairman and CEO for yet another year, and then serve as a consultant for three more after that.
  • Nike Lacks Dazzle, Frazzles The Market
    Nike shares dropped like an air ball yesterday -- more than 7% -- after a fiscal Q3 2017 and conference call late Tuesday revealed good earnings but an uncertain future in a world gone digital and with stiffer competition from Adidas. It was the biggest price decline for the Beaverton, Ore.-based shoe-and-image maker's shares since the company went public in December 1980.
  • KFC's Marker Taking Reins At Carl's Jr., Hardee's As Puzder Dismounts
    Andy Puzder, who withdrew from consideration to be Labor Secretary in February in the face of stiff and mounting opposition from an assortment of groups, yesterday resigned as CEO of CKE Restaurant Holdings, a position he has held since 2000. Jason Marker, who most recently has been president of Kentucky Fried Chicken, will succeed him next month at the helm of the company that franchises, licenses and operates the Hardee's, Carl's Jr., La Salsa and Green Burrito restaurant chains.
  • Walmart's Store No. 8 Will Launch And Nurture E-Com Start Ups
    Walmart continues to augment its e-commerce strategy of "if you can't beat 'em, buy 'em or incubate 'em." Yesterday, the Bentonville, Ark.-based retailer announced the formation of Store No. 8, an internal hub meant to foster e-com innovation, in the heart of Silicon Valley.
  • Uber In Another Jam As Jones Resigns With 'Blistering' Assessment
    After Recode broke the story that former target CMO Jeff Jones was quitting after less than six months as Uber president, CEO Travis Kalanick yesterday intimated in an email to employees that it was because he'd recently announced a search for a COO who would outrank Jones. Jones, meanwhile, issued a "blistering" statement to Recode, its Kara Swisher and Johana Bhuiyan report, saying: "It is now clear ... that the beliefs and approach to leadership that have guided my career are inconsistent with what I saw and experienced at Uber."
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