• Tell The People: Soylent Is Coming
    As you sit down to that that perfectly basted - okay, deep fried - turkey amid heaps of scrumptious sides tomorrow, you may be inclined to give thanks that you don't live in the future envisioned by Soylent Corp. CEO Rob Rhinehart, a 24-year-old computer engineer by trade, and his colleagues.
  • McMillon: A 'Sam's Choice' Pick To Run Walmart
    Wal-Mart Stores yesterday picked one of its own, 47-year-old Doug McMillon to succeed Mike Duke as president and CEO next February. McMillon, who was born in Jonesboro, Ark. - about five hours from HQ in Bentonville as the semi-trailer rides - started out as a summer associate at a Walmart distribution center in 1984 and joined the company full time in Tulsa, Okla., in 1990 while he was earning an MBA at the University of Tulsa.
  • 'Hunger Games' Heats Up A Chilly Weekend
    "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" scorches, sizzles and light ups the till, various headlines tells us, with the best box office opening ever for November. It busted out of the Lionsgate Entertainment's marketing machine with $161.1 million in weekend sales.
  • Goldie Blox Goes Viral With 'Girls' Send-Up
    What do you get when you combine the Beastie Boys with Rube Goldberg with girls in pink playing princess? The makings of a stereotype-breaking video for a new company that is very successfully navigating the new stereotype for launching a business with a wing and the smart use of social media.
  • Sales Commissions Going The Way Of Buggy Whips
    The salesforce commission is going the way of the 15% media commission if stories in the "New York Times" and "Wall Street Journal" this morning are any indication. And in at least one case, few tears will be shed. "Say Goodbye to the Car Salesman," reads the hed over Christina Rogers piece on the "WSJ," "No-Haggle Price, Online Selling Transform Auto Retailing."
  • Mike Tyson's Ongong Fight For A New Image
    In a new commercial, former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson rings the doorbell at an oversized suburban portal and presents a tidy little box - the kind that might contain diamond-studded earrings - to the oversized man who answers.
  • New Mini Looks To Make A Maxi Splash
    The Mini Cooper - the dream car for those in midlife crisis who, like David Kiley, are "not the Ferrari kind of bloke" (or lassie) - yesterday unwrapped pictures and details about its 2014 models in advance of its appearance at the Los Angeles Auto Show tomorrow. Aficionados are, quite literally, atwitter at #MiniCooper:
  • Glitches Aside, Sony's PS4 Enjoys A Winning Launch
    Any questions about the pent-up demand for the latest iteration of Sony's PlayStation - officially No. 4 in the royal lineage but actually the "eighth generation," according to Mashable - were answered by the credit cards of gamers over the weekend. More than a million of them shelled out $399.99 plus tax and up in the first 24 hours of its release in the United States and Canada just after midnight Friday morning.
  • The Giant Sucking Sound You Hear Is Coming From Your Smartphone: Cameras First, Games Next
    It's no secret that standalone still and video camera sales have been hit hard by the ability of smartphones to turn us all into amateur paparazzi but recent sales data indicate they are also cutting deeply into the digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) market populated by pros and advanced amateurs.
  • Arbitrator Rules Starbucks Owes Kraft $2.8 Billion
    An arbitrator yesterday ordered Starbucks to pay nearly $2.8 billion to Mondelez - the snack and confectionary company that was spun off from Kraft Foods last year - for yanking the distribution and marketing of its coffee in grocery stores in March 2011.
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