• Few CPG, QSR Brands Lighting Up For Independence Day
    "With an unpredictable supply chain, brands are having to rethink some of their traditional seasonal campaigns," says retail specialist Jake Bolling.
  • Juul Fined $40M For Targeting Youths, Awaits Separate Antitrust Decision
    The $40M settlement, to be paid to North Carolina, could be followed by more fines, since 13 other states have sued Juul on similar charges.
  • Alpha Foods Uses Humor To Counter Plant-Based Consumer Perceptions
    Campaign is based on the notion that if a plant can be "meat," people can do things they didn't think they could.
  • Who's Got The Body Wash? Patti Labelle Steps Into Old Spice Family Drama
    In latest spot, Labelle plays the mother-in-law who aims to poach a little men's body wash for herself.
  • E.L.F. Cosmetics Pioneers Beauty Brands' Use Of Wattpad
    E.L.F. used the social storytelling platform for #EyesLipsFierce Write-a-Thon, which drew 10,000 contest entries.
  • Tide Tackles Dirty Laundry In Outer Space
    Major challenges for what P&G termed "off-earth laundering" include ingredient safety and compatibility with NASA life support systems.
  • Scroll 'N' Shop: Study Finds Over Half Of Social-Media Users Buy
    When it comes to educating people about brands, Facebook leads the way, chosen by 41% of respondents in the NPD Group study.
  • Summer Trends: Younger Drinkers Reach For Hard Seltzers, RTD Cocktails
    Want to reach younger legal-age drinkers with a hard seltzer or ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail? Try striking a balance between wellness and indulgence.
  • Do Vaccine Perks Pay Off For Brands?
    Offering a perk helps generate buzz and drives more customers to a brand, notes Cyrus Massoumi, founder and CEO of healthcare tech company Dr. B.
  • Mtn Dew's 'RISE' Branding Draws Trademark Lawsuit By Rise Brewing
    Having used the RISE trademark for canned, caffeinated drinks since 2016, Rise is suing PepsiCo for its March launch of Mtn Dew RISE.
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